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Do You Mainly Give or Take with Your Small Business?

“Hey, help me out here.” “Do me a favor.” “Do you have a second to give me a hand?” “Why aren’t you responding to your messages or emails? I need your help now!” Does that sound like give or take with your small business?

Do you routinely find yourself taking, taking, and taking some more with your small business? And, do you constantly want handouts? Do you feel annoyed at the “selfishness” of fellow small business owners who never give you the time of day?

If you answer “yes”, to every question above, that’s *your* fear so it’s *your* fault.

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Give or Take with Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur has the right to ask for a little help. But fools ask for help routinely and rarely if ever help other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who fear something or someone or some idea build their business from a self-centered, scared, survival, poverty-conscious energy focused on receiving handouts and rarely if ever thinking about others, helping others, and handing out assistance for others, themselves.

Of course, most of your small business success sprouts from your service, not your self-service.

The quickest way to succeed online is to be of service to humanity. The quickest way to struggle online is to focus almost solely on self-service. Why? Love prospers. Fear moves you deeper into poverty.

What’s the solution?

Be Generous with Your Small Business

Help people most of your business day. Ask for a little bit of help.

Observe the marvel of helping successful small business owners all day long; bonds form, friendships flourish and your small business buddies help you daily, organically, without you even asking for help.

My small business buddies:

  • promote me
  • endorse me
  • buy my stuff
  • hire me
  • interview me
  • invite me to guest post on their blogs

and I never have to ask them for help, ever. Friends help friends seamlessly, automatically, and organically.

give or take with your small business loyal friends


I built a large, loyal group of trusted blogging buddies because I helped pro bloggers for days, weeks, months, and years and rarely if ever ask for anything in return.

Giving opened the door.

Serial takers tend to repel people because humans seek out thrivers, not survivors.

Thriving Versus Surviving by Give or Taking with Your Small Business

How do you intend to live your life? Do you want to barely get by? Do you want to survive? Of course not.

But small business owners continually in asking, taking and self-service mode vibe deeply from fear and survival mode. Human beings are so filled with fear that they just aim to survive desperately and/or greedily take, take, take all day long, even demanding help in defiance, in most cases.

Few humans wish to model their life after such fear, and survival drive, so these takers grow no following.

Thriving entrepreneurs grow large, incredibly loyal, supportive followings based on their generosity, abundance consciousness, and giving nature.

People want to thrive, not just to survive. Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that generous people become highly successful entrepreneurs over the long haul.

Help Awaits Around Every Corner for Generous Entrepreneurs

Forget small business help, for a moment.

Generous, connected entrepreneurs find help around every corner through their large, loving, loyal friend network.

After selling the house last year, I and my wife had to find a loving home for our 16-year-old cat Delilah. Within hours of asking my friend network for help through Twitter and Facebook, I received multiple adoption offers as well as backup offers in case anything fell through.

found our cat a home
We found a home for our cat thanks to our friend’s generosity.

Help awaits generous entrepreneurs in the online and offline world.

Feel free to ask for help here and there to do a little bit of taking but be a generous servant to enjoy the journey and accelerate your small business success.

“If you give your work life, your work will give you life. Vies-versa”
― Maria Renteria

Your Turn

Do you give or take with your small business today? We would love to hear from you on this topic in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Mainly Give or Take with Your Small Business?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    It is so important to help each other when you are an entrepreneur. Indeed, we all want to monetize our energies when we blog, or do a live video. We need to build our business. But the more you build your business to help others, the quicker you will succeed.
    I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life, yes even before the internet lol. What I found was that as I was helping others in their businesses, the stronger my business became. Weather off line or online, lending a helping hand to others if they are in your niche or not, is a win-win situation.

  2. Ryan,

    ow about trade? I believe in the trader principle (by Ms. Rand). I have acted according to giver’s gain (coined by Dr. Ivan Misner, of BNI), but it could turn into the giver’s pain… I have talked about this issue on my podcast, EGO NetCast, and I sent a question to the Fizzle show. Have you heard their answer?

    Best Premises,


  3. This is so true, Ryan. If everyone thought this way, more people would succeed. Be generous and help people, and they’ll want to be generous with you and help you too. It seems simple, yet most people don’t do it because they don’t see it.

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