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How To Fire A Client Nicely Without Feeling Bad

Are you spending a lot of time on one client? The one client that keeps on changing things and asking you to do more? Is it time for you to fire a client nicely?

There comes a point when you begin to realize you could maximize your time better by not having this particular tough client. Maybe it’s time to let go and move on.

Imagine what else you could be doing in your business instead of dealing with this difficult client?


Why You Need To Fire A Client Nicely

They say to never burn your bridges. You never know when you may need or want something in return from a former client. Needless to say, you may even work together again in some capacity. (Been there, done that!)

Some clients you really like as people. Those are the ones you should really be working with in your business. This is especially true if you provide a service.

You really need to pick your clients out from the crowd today. Don’t say yes to everyone until you vet them out. Really understand what is it that they want from your products or services.

Then, you can price that product or service out accordingly. Always remember, your time is your most valuable asset!

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7 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of a Customer

1. You don’t like working with them.

If you dread working with a client you know it’s time to do something different. When the person calls you and you don’t want to take that phone call you know it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship.

2. They can’t pay you enough!

There is no money in the world you could ask to make you want to continue the relationship.

3. The client doesn’t listen to your recommendations.

You keep on recommended things to the client but they don’t listen. You begin to wonder, why am I here? Why did they hire me?

4. They are micromanaging you.

Your customer keeps on telling you exactly what they want and they make you change it every time. They may even want to see your processes along the way. It’s almost like they are doing the work! Why should you spend the time to do the work if they are doing it?

Hence, you could acquire a new better client with that time.

5. Lost time with other clients.

You are taking time away from other great clients to help this customer that doesn’t really want to be helped. This can lead to losing track of your goals.

Always remember to keep your business goals nearby for a quick check!

6. The client stresses you out.

You just don’t work as well under stress. Some people love to stress others out to deflect their own stress and negativity. You could also learn how to deal with the negativity before ditching the client.

But if that doesn’t work it’s time to move on!

7. You begin to lose your own value.

This customer may make you feel inferior you lose your confidence. This is one of the worst things that can happen to a business owner or freelancer.

Once your confidence is gone, it takes time to build it back. Confidence doesn’t develop overnight.

8. You Are Not Doing What You Are Great At.

I’ve had a few clients over the years that asked to me take on tasks that were really not what I wanted to do. It was not the best use of my time or effort. I’d have to stop what I loved doing for other clients and work on their special project. If you find you are doing that, it’s time to say NO. 

Of course, that is harder to do than advise as I’ve learned over the years but it’s a necessity to prosper and grow your business.  

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What Happens After You Let Go of a Bad Client?

Good things begin to happen 🙂 My hairdresser had a great story to share with me about this.

Her client was a very old lady whose daughter would bring her into the salon. She would demand her mom would need to be helped to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. The wash, cut, and dry would take an extra 30-60 minutes every visit.

Not only that, but the daughter would call and cancel 30 minutes prior to a set appointment. This caused an hour and a half of time lost. Remember, time is money!

But it came to the point where the hairdresser dreaded the day when this customer had an appointment. She learned the elderly woman had a salon right at the nursing home.

With that knowledge, she told the daughter she could no longer handle this elderly woman’s needs at her salon. (She did not want to leave the elderly woman high and dry with her hair!)

The Way to Fire a Client Nicely

My hairdresser did fire this client in a nice way. She made sure the elderly woman had services available to her before giving her the boot!

If you are thinking of ditching one of your customers, make sure they have another avenue to use for your products or services.

They will appreciate your care and concern about their business. After all, that’s why you took them on, to help them out!

The Results From Firing a Client Nicely

Smart, right? Now the hairdresser loves every day that she enters her salon. And guess what? 2 older clients moved back to town and she more than made up the money and time!

I hear stories like this all the time about how businesses grow after letting go of a bad client.

Letting go of a negative customer will give your business time to attract good things to happen in your business. Check out more tips on Sick and Tired of Dealing with Bad Clients from Small Biz Trends.

Have you fired a client in your business? I’d love to know more in the comments below!

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