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The Small Biz Tipster blog was started by Lisa of Inspire to Thrive. Inspire to Thrive has been in operation for almost a decade. It grew into a full-time business after 10+ years of being a part-time side hustle.

“After I grew the business I wanted to share my experiences with others. I love helping others with their businesses and helping them to expand their digital presence and grow their businesses.

Hence, that’s how Small Biz Tipster was born.

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My other website focuses on social media, blogging, and SEO. I wanted this website to be more focused on the business end of growing a business, as well as marketing, etc. to help others start and grow their businesses.

So, what keeps you up at night running your small business? 

Many thanks to my husband who has been in business for 18 years himself and has been guiding me along. Furthermore, I learned a lot about small businesses from the customers when I sold advertising for 25+ years.

My customers taught me a lot about being in business and just what it takes to survive.

Likewise, I hope to help you along your “business” journey as well!



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Furthermore, if you are interested in contributing to the blog or want to have featured sponsored posts that are relevant, please contact me here.

However, do note: that only those that have commented or shared content fromSmall Biz Tipster are eligible for contributor posts.

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You can also find me over on Skillshare with a course to drive traffic to your business blog or website.

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