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Setting Up Home Office for the New Year for Your Biz

More people than ever are working from home. Some people freelance, others run a business from home, and more work for a company – but from the comfort of home. Setting up a home office for remote work for your comfort and productivity is key to getting more done from home.

A home office has long been a mainstay of many professionals, and it is quite personal. The home office should be where you can work in peace and feel creative or motivated to get your work done.

If you have a home business or freelance, it started as a small enterprise, but you need more space. As you look for your new piece of real estate, it is essential to keep the idea of a home office firmly in your mind.

Here are several solutions for setting up your home office for remote work and what you should consider as you do so.

Space for Home Office

Ideally, you shouldn’t be working in a basement as this will not give you the light you need to be productive and motivated. You should be looking for a space that is free from foot traffic from other people who live in the home.

Look for an area of the home you have no, or the potential new home that offers you space to work, space, produce and create in the best way possible.

home office

Needs for Setting Up Home Office

Not every home business will only need a single desk and a laptop. Some need more working surfaces, specialized equipment, controlled temperatures, or even ventilation. Make a list of everything you would need in your working space to maximize your working day.

You should also consider things like flooring. If you paint or create in ways that are often messy or may lead to items being dropped on the floor, is carpet a good idea? Hard flooring is typically an excellent idea for many home offices.

Laminate or hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain for almost all home office requirements.

Surface for Home Office

Designers and creators will often need more than a single working surface. Ensure that you know how much room you need. Graphic drawing desks often don’t take up too much room horizontally, but you’ll need the vertical room – and plenty of light.

If you write a lot, either by hand or on a computer or laptop, you’ll need space for notebooks, jotters, keyboards, and more.

If you are upsizing your home to allow for this, then try to consider all of the worksurfaces that you may need in advance.

Sitting in Your Office Chair

Even if you aren’t sitting at a desk as you work, you will need somewhere to sit comfortably. Consider the type of sitting arrangement that you would enjoy. Do you want a high back, deep seat with a coffee table nearby for moments when you are researching or studying?

Your office chair is one of the most important things for setting up a home office.

your office chair for your home office
Setting up a home office with a comfortable and ergonomic chair is important for your comfort and health.

Perhaps you spend many hours in your office in deep thought and need something closer to a chaise lounge.

Consider how you like to sit, and factor that into the space requirements. You should have somewhere that is comfortable for you within the office.

If your main focus is creating somewhere with incredible productivity, read this: How to Create a Cool Man Cave Office to Increase Productivity

Pictures To Inspire You

Another thing to keep you motivated working from home is pictures for your office. Oftentimes, many small business owners will have a quote nearby.

My favorite quote is:

Faith, to hope for things which are not seen but are true.

Another quote I have hanging up is:

Effort = Results by Roger Penske.

Others may have pictures of places they want to vacation to or of their family that inspires them.

In Conclusion of Setting Up Home Office

What is your favorite thing to set up your home office? What things do you need to be more comfortable and productive?

I know for me it’s a great chair to sit in. After having sciatica problems in the past, today I sit upright in an ergonomic chair when working away on the computer.  I also have a stool to put my feet up under the desk for added comfort.

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