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10 Examples Of A Truly Helpful Entrepreneur To Learn From

One of the simplest ways to grow your small business is by asking the question: “How can you be a helpful entrepreneur?” We will share an example of a helpful entrepreneur for you.

I asked myself this question upon waking at 5 AM. A few ideas popped into my mind. One idea consisted of writing this guest post. I trusted the idea. Evidence of this trust consists of this guest post.

Entrepreneurs often over-complicate the business-building process. Practical tips for growing ventures abound.

Following specific strategies does indeed expand your small business.

Example Of Helpful Entrepreneurs

But at the end of the day, being helpful in various ways, shapes or forms increases exposure, credibility, and business better than any specific tactic because being generous prospers you and others.

helpful entrepreneur

Learn To Be A Helpful Entrepreneur

Instead of trying to game Google, be helpful. Versus attempting to gain hundreds of backlinks, be helpful. Why would you send 100-pitch emails to top bloggers today?

Do you believe spending 12 hours pitching influencers via email is truly helpful for humanity?

Even though the 100 pitches may yield a helpful opportunity the 12 hours spent privately volleying emails between you and potentially other bloggers robs me, you, and everyone else of your helpfulness.

Trade Those 12 Private Pitching Hours For:

  • writing and publishing a blog post
  • reading and commenting genuinely on top blogs from your niche
  • recording and publishing a podcast
  • recording and publishing a video under 60 seconds to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Rumble.

Being truly helpful grows your small business slowly, steadily, and organically. Picture the following scenario. At the end of 12 hours, a blog post, a collection of blog comments, podcasts, and videos pepper your niche.

A growing group of targeted individuals knows you based on the blog post, comments, podcasts, and videos because you helped people across a wide range of platforms.

Being seen and credible inspires people to trust you. Gaining trust grows business.

Example of The Helpful Entrepreneur Spending 12 Hours

Meanwhile, the entrepreneur who spends 12 hours blindly pitching influential bloggers to snag guest post opportunities lost the opportunity of being truly helpful for 12 hours.

He or she could have followed a scenario of publishing helpful content and comments to:

  • Share value
  • gain trust
  • increase exposure

But spending that time playing a guest posting game of chance, pitching in private via emails versus helping in public. Even if 1, 2, or 5 influencers accept pitches, you never get back the 12 hours better spent serving in public versus self-serving, largely, in private.

10 pieces of content now beat trying to land 1 piece of content for greater exposure tomorrow or next month because only the moment exists; time is an illusion.

Ways to Be Truly Helpful

  • listen to the reader’s needs
  • write and publish blog posts solving reader needs
  • write and place guest posts for bloggers who lob guest post invites your way
  • read and comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche
  • record and publish podcasts
  • record and publish videos
  • promote bloggers via link mentions on your blog
  • promote bloggers through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Hug The Shift

Being truly helpful means hugging the shift from self-service to service.

Self-serving small business owners are not truly helpful because self-serving involves trying to get something for themselves versus serving to give something to others.

Admittedly, transitioning from self-service to genuine service feels uncomfortable sometimes for facing, feeling, and releasing self-service fueling fears seems quite unpleasant.

But small business growth, peace and mind, and general calm seem worth feeling uncomfortable for a few moments.

Size Does Not Matter

Being truly helpful does not mean publishing only 2000-word, deeply detailed blog posts. Publishing a valuable 600-word post hitting the mark means as much as any other post based on your authentic intent to give for the sake of giving versus giving primarily to get.

The true meaning of over-delivering consists of delivering without looking for payment. Get lost in this idea to uncover the secret to small business success.

Being service-focused grows skills, exposure, and credibility to small business expanding levels.

size does not matter to be helpful

Collaborate With Others

To be a helpful entrepreneur collaborating with other businesses, start by reaching out to companies in complementary industries. Look for shared goals and values to build strong partnerships.

Communication is key, so be clear about your expectations and how you can add value to the collaboration. Foster trust by being reliable and following through on commitments.

Embrace different perspectives to spark innovation and creativity in your joint projects.

Remember, teamwork and collaboration can lead to mutual success and growth for all parties involved.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs exhibit distinct characteristics that set them apart. They’re highly driven, often working tirelessly to achieve their successful business goals.

Their resilience allows them to navigate failures and setbacks with determination. They possess an unwavering confidence in their vision, coupled with a willingness to take calculated risks.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills enable them to make informed decisions quickly. Adaptability ensures they can pivot strategies in response to market changes.

Effective communication skills help them build strong networks and lead teams efficiently. Above all, their passion for their venture fuels relentless commitment as they become a helpful entrepreneur.

Your Turn: Being A Helpful Entrepreneur

How have you been a truly helpful entrepreneur today? We’d love to know more in the comments below! What other examples can you share of a helpful entrepreneur?

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  2. Very good post! I always spend time reading the lovely comments left for me and read all my blogging buddies’ posts in return too. I think people know when you’re not being adding value and when you don’t come across sincere. Today one of my comments said that I always had such helpful advice in all my posts and it made my day 🙂

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