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9 Super eCommerce Trends Small Biz Owners Must Know

At the very core of eCommerce trends with the help of technology and digitization in the 21st century, many people find it more convenient to buy and sell over the Internet.  Moreover, considering that 13.6% of e-commerce sales made a considerable impression on national sales, there’s no doubt it’s come to stay.

In the meantime, some trends in eCommerce websites continue to propel eCommerce, including the following:

A Vibrant Website

Long gone are the days when small businesses operated without much thought to building a strong online presence. Thankfully, building a website can add more value to a business than you ever thought.

Apart from having a site, it helps to take certain critical points seriously to ensure your digital presence is up to standard. Moreover, developing an influential website without unique e-commerce solutions like Adobe Commerce is a sub-standard practice in this technological age.

While you consider these exclusive solutions, do remember to make your small business’ website engaging and interactive.

Loyalty Programs For eCommerce Trends

The reward system in loyalty programs is the main exciting bit about it. Customers love to receive discounts, coupons, and any type of freebies. As such, as a small business owner, you cannot overlook the importance of one of the most important eCommerce trends.

Apart from increasing your customer base, loyalty programs also make you popular among your clients. Moreover, your regular customers are more likely to mention your establishment to their inner network. Through this, your business expands.

The downside of loyalty programs is they run for specific periods only. Therefore, it becomes an effective marketing tool when businesses want to study customers’ buying behaviors.

loyalty programs are latest e-commerce trends
Loyalty programs are a big eCommerce trend in eCommerce trends today.

For example, companies like Starbucks, Amazon Prime, Apple, etc., rely heavily on these loyalty programs. They learn more about the people they transact business with.

You can confirm the success of your business’ loyalty program when 20% of your total sales originate from there.

Handling Large Data For eCommerce Websites

The truth is, even as small biz, you cannot ignore handling data. More important is the fact that you might have to deal with large amounts of it. This is one eCommerce trend that is taking the front line in business operations.

You may want to be ready for this enormous responsibility, especially because large data handling can be pretty tricky. It would be best if you had the expertise to manage and have full control over the data you have in your possession.

Failure to do that could land your business in enormous trouble relating to data breaches.

Furthermore, having large data can open up diverse business opportunities for your small company. E-commerce is intricately linked to data analytics. It is also the main reason companies and organizations are successful at personalizing experiences for various customers.

Due to the influence on valuable predictions, your small biz cannot overlook the significance of big data.

Chatbot Trends of eCommerce

What is a chatbot for eCommerce websites?

An eCommerce chatbot is an AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution that is implemented by online retailers to engage customers at every stage of their journey.

Chatbots are a new technology that provides customer service, improves eCommerce checkout experiences, and reduces the need for live chat employees.

The bot will answer your questions in just seconds whether it is about products or prices on an online store!  Customers will love this fast response time to their questions now more than ever before.

More Ways to Pay for eCommerce Sales

More than ever before, eCommerce websites have to offer more ways for consumers to pay for their goods and services. Some clients like to pay via Venmo and others use Paypal.

Some still use credit cards and electronic checks. There are many different payment processors you have to choose from for your eCommerce website.

However, some even like to use Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services as well.

More eCommerce Trends

  • Social Commerce – According to Statista “In 2020, social commerce sales in the United States reached nearly 27 billion U.S. dollars. As social media’s influence continues to increase, U.S. social commerce is projected to reach 79.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2025 and account for 5.2 percent of U.S. retail e-commerce sales.
  • Mobile Commerce – In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail eCommerce generated was via m-commerce. That is up from 58.9 percent in 2017. Emerging e-commerce markets in mobile-first economies are a large driver of this trend.
  • Voice Search – With the emergence of more mobile users and people purchasing via their mobile devices, voice search will also drive more e-commerce sales from your website.
  • AR – Augmented Reality – This is one of the newest e-commerce trends emerging. Fashion and home decor are leading the way in this arena. Some stores like Home Depot have an app for shopping with AR. It allows the functionality in its main mobile app to allow users to overlay Home Depot merchandise in any room in their home. The app can ascertain the dimensions of a select number of Home Depot items ranging from refrigerators to chandeliers.
AR shopping
The latest eCommerce trends are using AR to shop online from the comfort of your home.

Videos Help Shoppers

Customers are responding more to videos when shopping online for several reasons. First, videos allow customers to see products in action, giving them a better understanding of how they work and what they can expect.

Second, videos provide a more engaging and interactive experience compared to static images or text descriptions. This helps customers make informed purchasing decisions and reduces the risk of buyer’s remorse.

Additionally, videos can convey emotions and create a sense of authenticity, making customers feel more connected to the brand and its products.

Finally, with the proliferation of mobile devices, watching videos has become easier and more convenient for customers, further driving their preference for video content when shopping online.

In Conclusion: eCommerce Trends To Know

To conclude, many more trends are dictating the eCommerce terrain. Hopefully, your small business can adopt those that maximize profits while maintaining your relevance in the market.

What eCommerce trends are you seeing in your small eCommerce biz today? Have you used AR while shopping online or watching videos?

I’d love to hear the answers to these 2 questions above in the comments below so we can discuss them.

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