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Quiet Quitting -3 Essential Briefings To Regularly Give Your Team

Your staff is only as good as you allow them to be. For instance, it’s one thing to hire a capable employee from another proven firm. However, if the hardware and software they use to deliver their productivity are lacking, well, they can only work so well. You may notice the employee’s quiet quitting job technique.

We can also consider communication and transparency as essential tools for the empowerment of your staff. Especially tools to help them feel motivated and part of the brand’s story. The last thing you need is for your staff to care little for your company outside of the paycheck.

That is because that way they’ll only do the bare minimum in order to keep their position. Thus avoiding any reprisals. This has recently been known as “quiet quitting.”

But more than motivation, keeping staff on the same page is important for unity and good work to thrive. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve exactly that.

Quiet Quitting Meaning

If you have heard of this new work phenomenon of 2022, “quiet quitting” is not giving up your job by quitting. It is doing less on the job for the company you work for. The act of quiet quitting is when an employee does the bare minimum for your business. They will not come in early or stay late. The employee may even take a longer lunch break.

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Company Changes & Updates

An update on any changes or developments within the company should be part of your regular staff briefings. This is usually as soon as they happen or on a regular basis, like every Monday morning. This could involve updates to firm performance or goals as well as modifications to policies, practices, or business strategy.

You’ll be able to promote transparency and keep everyone in the know by informing your team about these updates. Especially by fielding any questions that your team may have, or that may have been asked of you.

This will relieve some stress on your staff and avoid more quiet quitting at your small business.

You can also provide the key points in a document you send everyone, especially for those who might not be at the briefing.

avoid quiet quitting
Learn how you can avoid quiet quitting by keeping staff in the know at your small business.

Information About Health & Safety

Information on health and safety protocols is another essential briefing to provide your employees. This might include details on how to avoid mishaps and injuries, such as measures you may have implemented after someone tripped and fell at work.

On top of this, consider updating your team about revisions to safety guidelines or practices. During COVID, for instance, many bosses hosted regular meetings about how they were virus-proofing the office.

You can also use services like Industrial Fire to protect your commercial fire safety, and then use those updated measures to reinforce staff policies which you then transmit to your team. Anything that makes them feel more secure and safe will keep them working better and longer.

Team Objectives & Goals

Last but not least, it’s fundamentally important to periodically update your staff on your aims and objectives. This entails laying out the precise goals and objectives that the team is pursuing and giving frequent updates on development. Taking these into account each year, month and week can make sure the goals are split into targets to hit.

Then, from there you’ll be able to move forward with your performance in the best way. From there, you’ll be able to maintain everyone’s focus, motivation, and alignment with the mission by keeping your team informed about these goals. There will be less chance of quiet quitting jobs when you do this.

aim high
Develop ways to motivate your team to aim high so your team can come close to your goals.

Conclusion of Quiet Quitting Jobs

With this advice, you’re sure to give your team the best essential briefings. They will move forward with nothing but the best information. That keeps them focused and attentive to their duties and motivated as part of the family. However if they are changing careers, there may not be anything you can do about quiet quitting.

Have you experienced quiet quitting at your business during the past year? What have you done to avoid it from happening? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below.

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