Why Your Employees Are Leaving

Why Your Employees Are Leaving – What You Can Do About It

If you notice that a lot of your employees are leaving, and it is disrupting your business, then you should know that there are things that you can do about it. Losing a single employee can cost you thousands. But if you are not careful you may find that this can easily put your company in debt far faster than you realize.

This is especially the case if you have a wave of employee turnovers. If you want to do something about this, then you should know that there are solutions out there. You need to know where to look as the great reset continues.

People are Social Creatures is Why Your Employees Are Leaving

Studies have shown time and time again that people are social creatures. It has even been theorized that the main reason why humans have such big brains is that it enables them to facilitate much more complex relationships within the local community.

Work is a community as well. It comes with alliances, drama, politics, and more. If one person in the team experiences an issue or if they witness something that they do not like, then there is a high chance that other people have talked about it as well.

One issue can easily turn into several if it is not dealt with.

a community
Working with others is like being in a community.

If you want to stop things like this from impacting your company then it is wise for you to try and have an anonymous feedback box. However, if you have something like this then people can drop their thoughts into the box. Then they can give their opinion about various work-related matters.

If you are hiring new team members, consider finding out what is onboarding so you can give them a welcome experience?

The Grass is Always Greener

When you are being recruited, companies tend to highlight all of the great things about the job and the company that they are working for. They also try and hide some of the more undesirable aspects of working for the company.

You may have done this yourself in the past when you have recruited someone. After all, you want to try and give a good impression so you get the best employees applying for the job.

Anybody who is going for an interview at another company or organization will be hearing the pitch, that the grass is greener. Someone who is leaving the company may even be talking excitedly about their job to their friends.

It won’t take a lot for those people to think about jumping ship either, so keep that in mind.

Friends Can be Dangerous

It is great when someone recruits one of their friends to the team or the company in general. After all, it will save you a great deal of time and money. It will also stop you from having to sift through a lot of different resumes, questioning everyone to see if the person is going to be a good fit for your office culture.

The problem with hiring people and their friends is that if one of them was to leave the company then the friends will follow. Recruiting people and their friends can be good. But you have to remember that they are much more likely to draw them away if they happen to leave.

That is another reason why your employees are leaving when their friends leave.

Why Your Employees Are Leaving When They Have a Wake-up Call

Even if someone is not close friends with whoever is leaving, you have to know that it can be a wake-up call for them as well. They may find themselves asking that if they are leaving then maybe it is time to consider their own position within the company.

Even people who are not at risk can easily be put into a position of risk through sheer curiosity. It is very easy for your team to be set in their ways.

They may even be willing to put up with tough situations. Then, they may be comfortable at your company for a number of reasons.

Having a Wake-Up Call is Why Your Employees Are Leaving
Sometimes a wake-up call can lead to why your employees are leaving your company.

Furthermore, they may even love their work at times. But seeing someone do something as dramatic, such as interviewing at another company, may make them evaluate what they are doing.

The Departure

Depending on how someone’s departure is handled,  strong feelings can develop among the staff. At this point, the true colors of your leadership really shine.

If everyone that happens to leave is wished well and thanked for their efforts, then they will have a different opinion of you. That compared to if you’d just booted them out and then talked about them behind their backs.

The takeaway here would be if someone does leave for another job, it makes everyone evaluate their current situation. And then some may even consider being on the lookout.

For some this may mean opening one of the many job site or recruiter emails.

Your Turn on Why Your Employees Are Leaving

Have your employees been leaving your business today? I’d love to hear about your experienced about it in the comments below.

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