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How To Improve A Healthy Working Environment For Your Biz

A healthy working environment is an integral part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Employees who work in spaces that are clean, safe, and designed to promote productivity are happier and more productive than employees who work in stressful environments. As an employer, it’s your job to make sure your business is a healthy one – for everyone involved. You will know to know how to create a healthy working environment for all.

Are you ready to improve health and safety inside your small business? Then you’ve come to the right place, as this guide contains some of the most effective tips and tricks that you can make the most of to establish the most secure workspace that is able to promote ultimate wellbeing in no time at all. So, if you’re ready to start taking health and safety more seriously, then simply read on to discover some ways to create a healthier working environment for you and your staff.

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Adapt Your Workplace for a Healthy Working Environment

Is your workplace currently as safe as it could be? The answer is likely no, as there’s always room for improvement when it comes to protecting your team, assets, and customers! Start by assessing the entranceways and exits – are stairways supported by steel balustrades that can help those inside to make their way between floors without the risk of tripping and falling?

Next, move on to your offices or any other densely populated workspaces that play home to a large percentage of your staff. Are the fire exits clearly marked, and can your employees easily move around in their workspace to approach these exits if an emergency were to take place?

You must ensure that there are open walkways that allow for easy exiting, with no obstructions such as boxes left in the way that could cause a hazard and prevent an employee from escaping. You may also like to adapt your individual workspaces by investing in more ergonomic equipment. Equipment like chairs that have head and armrests for office staff, or anti-fatigue mats for those who have to stand up for a large percentage of their shift.

There’s bound to be a wide variety of different adaptations that you can make to your workplace which will help to take health and safety to a whole new level.

Implement House Rules

Another great step that you can follow to start improving health and safety within your small business involves implementing a range of house rules that both you and your team have to follow. The rules that you choose to create can surround a variety of topics, but they must only be in place if they have a noticeable impact on the wellbeing or security of your business and staff.

know the rules for a healthy working environment
Make sure everyone knows the rules for a healthy working environment even on computers.

For example, you can create a rule that states no employee must shout unless they are in an emergency, as too much sound could drown out the voice of someone who genuinely needs assistance. Additionally, you can choose to implement online rules such as not visiting any personal web pages on business computers, as you could easily pick up a virus that risks destroying the security of your systems and saved data (which could have cataclysmic consequences).

You can find inspiration online if you’re a little stuck on coming up with the most suitable house rules for your small business!

Have Regular Deep Cleans for a Healthy Working Environment

It may seem like a lot of work to deep clean your business regularly, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Regular deep cleans remove bacteria and other harmful substances that can cause people to get sick.

These deep cleans are essential for any workplace environment, but especially for areas where food is served or prepared.

Before you hire someone to clean your business, take a few minutes to research so you know what services are out there and what makes sense for your company, whether hiring carpet cleaners or looking at aqua blasting understanding its benefits and how it can help you keep your premises clean.

Create an Ergonomic Office

Ergonomics is the science and design of the human body. Ergonomic designs focus on how your body interacts with physical objects in your environment, such as office equipment. When designing an office space, it’s essential to think about how people will use their areas and move throughout that space.

Does your desk at work face a window? Do you have a comfortable chair to sit in for hours? Does your desk have plenty of drawers or shelves for storing supplies?

ergnomic chair
Is your office setting ergonomically correct for you and your workers?

These are all essential considerations for designing an ergonomic office space. Some other important considerations when creating an ergonomic workspace include:

  • Having enough light.
  • Make sure the working area is clean.
  • Allowing employees to take regular breaks from sitting and making sure the temperature is not too hot or cold.
  • Making sure everything employees need to do their jobs is within reach easily.

You can easily do this by making some office adjustments for a healthier work environment such as;

  • Provide a comfortable chair. Make sure the seat height, arm length, and back support are tailored to each individual employee.
  • Create zones within the office so people have space from their desks if they need to get up and walk around or stretch.
  • Eliminate noise distractions by placing printers away from desks or turning off notifications on phones.
  • Allow people to adjust their lighting depending on their work type – natural light is preferable for specific tasks like reading. In contrast, others might benefit from an overhead lamp or task lamp.

Carry Out Repairs Quickly

One of the most important ways to create a healthy work environment is by maintaining your facilities. When you have broken windows, faulty HVAC systems, or blocked doorways, your staff may try to deal with it themselves instead of bringing it up to leadership.

If they’re dealing with minor issues on their own, they’ll be too drained to do anything productive. And if their health isn’t in good shape, that can negatively impact their productivity at work.

Repairing these problems quickly is critical for creating a healthier workplace environment for your staff. You could also set up an appointment where employees can come in and speak about any repairs that need to be done so that you can handle them quickly and efficiently.

Enforce Regular Lunch Breaks for Staff

Leading a busy life as an entrepreneur, you may not realize how important it is to take regular lunch breaks for your employees. Not only will your employees be happier because they have time to refuel their energy, but they’ll also be healthier and more productive.

Eating healthy is not always the easiest or most practical option. You can help ensure that your staff is eating healthy by providing a lunchroom where food options are available.

take lunch breaks
Be the leader and take a lunch break to encourage all to do the same.

Encourage your team to eat fruits and vegetables daily and offer vegetable soup, hummus with sliced cucumbers, or other low-calorie yet high-nutrient foods as daily options.

Bring in Plants for a Healthy Working Environment

Investing in plants can be a great way to make your business feel more cheerful and welcoming. A study found that workers in offices with windows and plants were less stressed and reported higher job satisfaction.

You can buy plants in bulk and place them throughout your office to create a sense of space, or you could put one plant on each desk. Plants naturally emit oxygen and improve air quality, which is important for employees who spend hours at work each day. Providing high air quality is a great step for a healthier working environment for your small business.

Encourage Communication to Improve Relationships

One of the most important things you can do to create a healthier working environment encourages communication. This will help improve relationships, which will lead to better productivity.

To promote communication, start by organizing different communication channels such as email, text messages, and instant messaging tools like Slack.

Make sure your employees know how to use these channels and that they’re encouraged to use them to communicate with one another.

Your Turn on Having a Healthy Working-class Environment

What are you doing to promote a healthy working environment at your small business even if working from home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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