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What Does Taking a Break Mean for Your Small Business?

Taking a break is important for your mental well-being and physical health.

It’s also essential to take time off when you’re under pressure in order not to burn out or let negative emotions get the best of you – after all, there are only 24 hours every day!

Do you work all day and night without taking a break to walk outside, and smell the fresh air around your home or business? Have you missed breakfast, lunch, or dinner as you worked right through?

Or, have you had a difficult client that was driving you nuts and taking a lot of your time? Like the ones that spend less for your services or products but demand more?

If so, this post is for you!

Stopping to take a break from your small business is the key to keeping you and your business healthy and happy. If you are not healthy and happy, you cannot successfully run your small business.

Many small business owners do not realize how important their health and well-being are to work their business and deal with clients in a more positive and productive way.

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What Does Taking A Break Mean?

Taking a break means that you walk away from your area of work. Whether it’s at your desk, in an office, or a retail location you just walk away. Get away from the environment you work in.

Taking a break means different things for everyone. For some, they might take time to walk outside and smell the fresh air or head out in their car to drive around while others prefer just sitting on their couch with Netflix streaming through our screens!

Whatever your preference maybe it is important that you don’t forget about yourself during this busy season of life – which can lead many small business owners to overworking themselves into burnout mode before Christmas even arrives (and then what happens when school starts again?).

If you work outdoors you may want to go indoors and get away from the elements. Anything to change up your scenery to make your mind go in another direction.

Learn to get away from it all to refresh yourself and your thinking. Oftentimes, I have come up with solutions on a walk or a short drive. If I were still at my office desk and computer I would not have found the answer I needed.

That is what a real “getting away from it all” is on a break.

Make it a Habit

To take a break doesn’t mean once a week or once a month. It means you need to do it daily and have it become a habit. Something you look forward to each and every day.

For me, that means taking a walk outside in nature. In the wintertime, it means snowshoeing or riding on a snowmobile. Find something you love to do outside of your work.

Maybe you like to cook or work on a puzzle. Anything that takes your mind off your business for a short period of time. You don’t want it to take more than an hour or so as you will lose some productivity! So, set a timer and stick to it.



How to Tell Customers You Are Having a Break

Don’t be afraid to tell your customers you are taking a break. Most of them will understand you need to get some rest to perform better for them as well.

You can always mention you will get back to their project after your much-needed break.

However, sometimes, you just have to say no to your demanding clients to grow your business. There may come a time you may have to cut them loose and move on. No break in the world will offset their demands.

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Why Taking a Break From Work is Good for You

According to ShiftBase taking breaks can lead to breakthroughs for you. If you are having a complex problem or issue that you can’t seem to find the answer to, walk away!

Did you know taking a break improves focus and concentration? Not only that but it can elevate burnout that many people are experiencing today.

Burnout is real for small business owners and it happens when people work and have no time off to play. You need to have experiences outside of work to avoid burnout.

So by taking a break you can reset the rest of your day. You will feel more energized and ready to tackle new challenges and even revisit old challenges.

taking a break to reset your mindset
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How Breaks Lower Your Blood Pressure

Did you know that taking breaks from sitting at your computer can lower your blood pressure? It is true.

Prolonged, uninterrupted sitting has been linked to many health risks—including high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease—independent of physical activity level.

Taking regular breaks from sitting for non-exercise physical activity, such as standing or light walking, might help to reduce these risks.

lower blood pressure from taking breaks

So not only is it good for your mental health but your physical health and wellbeing as well!

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Hiring Help so You Can Take Breaks

Now, if you find it impossible to take breaks due to your workload you may want to hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer to offset some of your daily tasks.

However, just because you have to hire out doesn’t mean you can’t handle it all. It just means you are working “smarter.”

Having someone else do the work for you will lighten your load so you can focus on your small business. This will help you to “grow” your business.

But, let them do the work and do not micromanage them as it will defeat your purpose. You have to have trust in their abilities and capabilities to help your business with the assigned tasks.

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Your Turn

I love taking breaks from my small business! I spend some of the downtimes working on a puzzle or catching up on Netflix. What do you like to do during your own daily break?

I am always interested in other people’s ideas for how they use their free moments, so please leave me a comment below if there’s anything specific that interests or puzzles you – I would be happy to help out where possible 🙂


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2 thoughts on “What Does Taking a Break Mean for Your Small Business?”

  1. Good job on taking breaks Lisa. My workload increased significantly over the past few weeks after my influx of social media engagement. Knowing this I simply need to be more devoted to taking my breaks even though my ego wants me to spend a little more time on the phone.

    As soon as I feel the signs of burnout kicking in I simply drop everything and step away from the phone and the laptop. Taking breaks keeps me energized for the long haul. We always have to remember that Rome was not built in a day nor is any thriving small business. Excellent tips here.

    1. Hi Ryan, thank you. LOL, I think you can get over your ego 🙂 I’ve done the same thing, soon as I feel it, I walk away. I’m going to try a 2nd break in the morning to get on my exercise bike before showering. And then still take an afternoon walk. Sitting for long hours has put made me gain weight. So it will be for my physical and mental health 🙂 You are right – Rome was not built in a day. It takes consistency, day after day, week after week Ryan!

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