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7 Things To Do Before Your Business Launch Online Today

Getting ready to do your business launch online can be exciting, but it can be pretty daunting too. You want your launch to go off without a hitch.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that your business launch has the best chance of being successful off the bat, which means you can worry about this and that.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of things you should do before you launch your business online.

By following this guide, you can take the stress out of launching your company. It ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

 7 Tips For Launching A Business

1. Put Site Monitoring in Place

The first thing you should do when you are getting ready to launch your business online is to ensure you have set up a means of monitoring traffic to your site, how many conversions you get from various sources, and how well your website is doing in general.

You must do this so you can see what is working for you and tweak anything that is not.

Many people do not put website monitoring in place until their website has been up and running for a while. However, that means that they don’t spot any mistakes early on, which can put customers off using their site.

Lisa, Small Biz Tipster

For example, good monitoring software like Greencheck with its 12 SEO and website monitors can not only monitor traffic but also let you know if there are any spelling mistakes on your website that could harm your company’s credibility.

So, as soon as your website is made, get some monitoring software in place.

2. Write Plenty of Content For Your Business Launch

Before you launch your website, it is a really good idea to ensure that you have plenty of content ready to post. The more often you post things like blog posts and how-tos and the more regularly you do so, the easier it will be to pick up traffic and attract people to your website.

Ideally, you should aim to produce enough content to cover a couple of months’ worth of publishing, then you can schedule your posts in advance and you won’t have to worry about producing content for a while.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, hiring a good freelance content writer is a good way to get the quality content you need, even if you are on a tight budget. Or you could use an AI tool for writing content as well.

Doing SEO correctly can be fairly difficult but is important for your website and content. However, getting it right can significantly increase the number of people who see your website.

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3. Set Up a Newsletter for Your Online Business

Before you launch your business website, it is also a good idea to set up a newsletter. When people visit your website for the first time, you want to be able to gather their details so that you can continue marketing your goods and services to them in the future.

If you have a newsletter sign-up in place, this is one of the best ways to collect their email addresses so you can send special offers or coupons or whatever you can think of to entice them to make a purchase.

Of course, just having a newsletter sign-up in place on your website is not enough; you need to find a way to encourage visitors to enter their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter in the first place.

A good way to do this is to offer a discount or freebie for anyone who signs up. So, take the time to think about what you can offer that will encourage sign-ups and ensure that you have that information immediately available for visitors to your website.

4. A Social Media Presence Before You Launch It

It is probably a good idea to ensure that your business has a strong presence on all of the major social media platforms BEFORE you launch your website too. Start building engagement on those sites, which you can do for free by posting quality content.

Then add and interact with as many people in your target audience as possible. When you launch your website, you should see some immediate interest from your social channels.

You can use your social media profiles to let your audience know about the launch in the first instance, and then to keep directing them to new content, products, and services as and when they go live.

Customers are more likely to trust a new company if it has a strong social media presence where they can see what it is about and who runs it.

So although it may be tempting to launch your website without first building up a social media presence, it is a better idea to do things the other way around.

5. Plan A Cool Announcement For Your New Online Biz

Planning how you will announce your business launch is the most fun part of the process Will you hold a contest?

Will the first customer win a prize? Or will, you offer all of your products at a discount? Will you hold an online launch party?

make an announcement

The possibilities are endless but you need to choose something that your target audience will love. Just make sure that you do something special because no one is going to care about a business launch where nothing happens apart from a website going live.

Make it special – it is your big day after all, right?

6. Test Your Website Before Your Business Launch

Last, but not least, you should take the time to test your website to ensure that it works as it should. Pretend you are a user and try navigating every aspect of your website.

From finding the homepage to clicking on the various products on offer. And yes, even going so far as making a purchase.

This is the best way to ensure that it is working as it should. You can iron out any bugs before you launch.

A website that is not working properly and which is not user-friendly will not encourage anyone to buy.

So you must do this to ensure it starts without a hitch.

If you are about to launch your business online, do all of the above first and you can pretty much guarantee that your launch will be the big success you hope it will be.

7. Text Messages

Text messages can be a powerful tool for marketing. They’re quick, direct, and have high open rates. You can use them to share promotions, updates, and reminders.

SMS marketing helps you reach customers instantly and personally. Just make sure your messages are clear and offer value.

Keep it short and to the point, and always include a call to action. Done right, text messages can boost engagement and sales.

Your Turn: How To Launch Your Business Online

Have you done all the above steps to launch your small biz online?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

FAQ: 7 Things To Do Before Your Business Launch Online Today

Why is market research important before launching online?

Market research helps you understand your audience’s needs and preferences. It also gives insights into competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, helping you position your business effectively.

How detailed should my business plan be before business launch?

Your business plan should be thorough but concise. Include key elements like your value proposition, target market, revenue model, and marketing strategy. Make it clear and actionable.

What branding elements are crucial before launching?

Focus on creating a strong logo, choosing a color palette, and crafting a consistent brand message. These elements should reflect your business’s identity and appeal to your target audience.

How do I choose the right platform for my website?

Consider factors like ease of use, scalability, customization options, and cost. Popular choices include WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. Ensure the platform supports your business needs.

Why is social media presence necessary before launch?

Social media helps build brand awareness and engage with potential customers. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and gather feedback before your official launch.

What key metrics should I track with analytics tools?

Monitor website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, and sales. These metrics help you understand what’s working and where you need to improve for your business launch. Tools like Google Analytics can provide these insights as well as the Right Blogger suite of SEO tools like the content gap.

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