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Custom Shipping Boxes Big Impact on Your Brand Identity

When your product arrives at a customer’s door, it often sits there for days or even weeks before they open it. In that split second, your branded custom shipping box tells them how they feel about your brand.

Boosting your brand image with custom packaging can help you make a big impression. Here are three ways a well-designed shipping box can gain brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.

Brand Recognition

A brand’s packaging is one of the most visible and highly recognizable components of its business. It’s often the first thing a customer sees, and if it doesn’t make a good impression, they may move on to other options.

A well-designed box can save money, improve perceptions of a brand, and boost sales. I love receiving The Goat Farm boxes when I order from their website. The goats are so adorable!

They even include a special thank you message with their logo on the note. To see more inspiration visit their website.

The best way to make a good impression with your product is to package it in a custom box that features your logo and other marketing materials.

The material is also essential, as a durable, high-quality box will protect your product during shipping and storage, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Making Personal Connections To Your Brand

In addition, a branded box can help you create a more personal connection with your customer. You can add a handwritten note or an illustration of your company’s values.

This type of personal touch can make a big difference to a customer, especially if they are a first-time buyer or if the customer has had previous interactions with your company.

In addition, personalized custom shipping boxes can make your brand stand out in social media. Instagram “unboxing” videos are a popular trend.

They have an aesthetically pleasing, on-brand box can help you generate more social media engagement and reach.

goat farm packages
Beautiful packaging by The Goat Farm on their boxes and inside.

Brand Recall

The packaging your products ship in is a vital part of your brand identity. It communicates to your customers a lot about the company, including their personality and style.

Whether you are an ecommerce seller or event promoter, branding your custom shipping box can set you apart from the competition and leave your customers with a positive impression of your business.

When a customer receives their order in a custom branded shipping box, they immediately recognize and associate the brand with the product.

This instant recognition can lead to increased repeat purchases and brand loyalty. In addition, a branded box can communicate a sense of luxury, sustainability, or even playfulness to your customers.

Customizing Your Shipping Box

With digital printing, there are many ways to customize your packaging. You can select various colors, patterns, and designs to make your packaging stand out.

You can also add embellishments such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and lamination to enhance your design.

These techniques can add texture, depth, and color to your custom boxes, as well as protect the printed surface from smudging and scratching over time.

Adding a website, phone number, instructions, or QR code to your boxes is another way to make them more memorable. This is a cost-effective way to increase your visibility and drive traffic to your site.

hello fresh
Who doesn’t recognize this box from Hello Fresh?

Increased Customer Loyalty

Custom boxes are a perfect way to increase customer loyalty. They can be customized to include a handwritten personal note, a discount coupon, or even a small gift.

These small touches make the customer feel valued and connect positively with your brand. In addition to the emotional connection, these added features can help boost your sales and increase brand recognition.

As more consumers shop online, businesses need to stand out from the competition. A robust website, excellent products, and great customer service are a few ways to achieve this.

However, the package that arrives at your customer’s door is another critical element in establishing brand identity.

A standard brown box that appears to be a generic container can give the impression of a low-quality product or an uncaring company.

Branding Elements For Custom Shipping Boxes

Adding branding elements to your custom shipping boxes can change the entire perception of your business. For example, a logo can distinguish your box from competitors and establish a unique visual identity.

Using custom inserts can also add an element of luxury to your boxes and increase brand recall.

personalized shipping box can also increase your business’s profitability. Since most shipping costs are based on weight and size, this method can help you save money on each shipment.

In addition, the color coding and labeling on your custom shipping boxes can make it easier for a retailer to sort through your packages.

Increased Sales

It is challenging to place a dollar value on brand loyalty and customer retention, but businesses of all sizes must keep these in mind. It’s much more cost-effective to retain current customers than it is to find new ones.

Custom shipping packaging can drive repeat sales by linking the post-purchase experience with the excitement of a purchasing decision.

Custom shipping boxes allow companies to add branding information such as phone numbers, instructions, or a website to their products without increasing shipping costs.

In addition, a company can print a QR code directly on the box to create an additional communication channel with their customers.

Additionally, custom packaging can be aligned with a company’s overall branding strategy, ensuring that all their product-related materials present a consistent visual identity to their customers.

This consistency also helps strengthen brand recall.

Plain boxes can be boring.

Final Words: Custom Shipping Boxes To Boost Your Brand

Whether they’re delivering a package complete with their favorite snack or their monthly subscription to beauty essentials, well-designed custom shipping boxes can elevate the unboxing experience.

It’s a chance for brands to tell their story, build relationships, and make their customers feel proud to be part of their community.

By making a solid impression, they can help to overcome one of the biggest challenges for digital-only merchants: customer churn.

What type of custom shipping boxes do you like the most? Are you using any for your small business?

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