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Do You See The Signs Ahead for Your Business?

A while ago driving up North through the mountains we were hit by a moose.

We were shocked as it happened and a bit shook up even though we saw the signs everywhere.

But why? After all the signs were there all the time. Many times we drove back and forth and for many years we never even saw one moose.

see the signs

We wanted to see a moose up close and take a nice photograph. Who wouldn’t right? A few times we did on the snowmobile trails.

But this time it was right on our windshield as it walked into us. We were in a big Ram truck driving by at around 40 mph.

The crash was loud and the mirror broke with the sounds of glass breaking. I closed my eyes in fear that glass would be all over me.

There was no time to snap a photograph of the big moose. I was too shaken up to think about it.

On the other hand, the moose kept walking across the street after being on our windshield. He was not hurt. Luckily, neither were we.

Do You See Warning Signs?

Warning signs can be all around us every day. Today’s signs can point to possible shutdowns and working from home. Is your business ready to do that? Do you see the signs around you? Are you ready to make changes?

Oftentimes, small business owners are too busy in their own little world that they may miss the warning signs around them. The type of things that can effect their small business.

Not only that but being too busy can impact your own health and lead to burnout.

How to Tune in To Warning Signs

Listen and have patience throughout your day. By being patient and not running around from run project to another, you may hear or see warning signs around you.

Furthermore, if you have employees or freelancers you may miss their warning signs of leaving or not being able to keep up with the workload.

They too may feel burnout from the job and duties you have given them. Be wary of this and don’t let them surprise you with a goodbye.

see the signs of burnout

Why Wait Until It’s Broke?

The old saying goes if something is not broken, why fix it?

Well, I say, if you know in advance it will break you can prevent it from being broken and keeping your business down!

The better wise old saying is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Oftentimes, when something breaks down you have to spend time to fix it or money to purchase a new one. Always look for warning signs in your technology or tools.

A business today cannot run without these tools.

Similarly, I had a client with a very old mobile phone who could not do marketing functions anymore. I kept on saying, you really need to upgrade your mobile device. Months later, they finally did 🙂

Are you prepared to do that in your business?

In Conclusion

Some signs you drive by so often that you don’t pay attention. Like the moose sign, we drove by 100’s of times.

Now, after being hit by one, we pay much more attention to them when the yellow lights are flashing. Hence, we now realize how real the warning is.

Do you see the signs ahead of you and your business now? I’d love to know more in the comments below of the signs you see or miss today.

2 thoughts on “Do You See The Signs Ahead for Your Business?”

  1. Lisa this is a fabulous lesson. I am happy you guys and the moose made it out unscathed. Super analogy too. Slowing down, calming down and deliberately working your business campaign reveals signs, warnings, patterns and all that good stuff, so you can avoid rough spots.


    1. Hi Ryan, Thank you. Yes, just a little damage to the truck but luckily not much and fixed. Now I’m always on the lookout! Yes, slowing down and deliberately working your business can make a huge difference! Thank you for coming by on this one and make it a great day and new month Ryan! December is here 🙂

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