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How To Build Your Businesses Reputation With Ease: 7 Ways

Learning to build your business’s reputation is a golden ticket today. A good reputation is key to building the trust of customers and building a business reputation. If you have a poor reputation, you’ll likely struggle to win over your business. Those with a very good business reputation will meanwhile find that customers come to them – often without having to invest in much marketing. That’s where business reputation management tools come to the rescue.

There are many things that can affect your reputation from qualifications to experience. Below are just a few effective ways in which you can boost your company’s reputation. Not only that but we suggest a fabulous business reputation management tool for your business.

Boost Your Brands Reputation

High Search Engine Rankings

High search rankings can suggest that your company is popular and well-established. Customers will be more willing to trust you if you show up on the first page of Google as opposed to the tenth page (most people will likely not even search the tenth page).

You can boost your search engine rankings by investing in SEO (search engine optimization). This involves using keywords, hyperlinks, and other tactics to build your rankings. While you can do your own SEO, you’ll generally get better results by hiring an SEO company to do it for you.

Shop around for SEO services to find the best rates.

Glowing Reviews For Greater Business Reputation

Many customers like to look up reviews of a company on platforms like Google and Trip Advisor before using them. Having lots of glowing reviews will help to build trust in your company – it shows that you’ve made customers happy in the past.

It’s worth prompting every happy customer you work with to leave a review (you should avoid asking unhappy customers to leave a review). You could do this in person or via email. This can help you to build up lots of glowing reviews.

glowing reviews for business reputation
Ask for reviews to increase your business reputation online and off.

Positive Media Attention For Business Reputation Management

Positive media attention can also improve your reputation. This could include news stories of your successes or even stories that aim to put right false allegations such as this article about David Friend CBS

You can contact media outlets yourself and ask them to run stories about you, however, you may find that hiring a PR company gets you better results.

In order for outlets to give your coverage, you need to have a story and an angle – work out what this is before you start contacting media outlets.

However, do check what others are saying about your brand online with a brand reputation tool.

Website Trust Badges

Trust badges can show that your business is trusted by professional bodies. Nowadays, such badges are most commonly displayed on websites. They include things like chartered accountant badges, safe shipping badges, or security trust seals.

trusted business
Show that you are a trusted business with badges on your website and in your store.

You can check out this site for a few examples of trust badges. You’ll typically have to pay a professional body some money to review your company – if you pass, you’ll then be able to display a trust badge on your site.

Award Certificates to Boost Your Company’s Reputation

Everyone trusts an award-winning company. To win an award, you need to be able to reach a certain level of excellence. Award certificates could be displayed on all walls of your premises or as trust badges on your site.

To win awards, you need to enter yourself into award competitions. It’s worth looking up local business awards online to find out how to qualify.

There are other certificates that you can get from inspections or from gaining qualifications – these can also help to build trust and are worth looking into.

Charity Sponsorships

Sponsoring charities via events or charity products is another great way to boost your reputation. These sponsorships can show that your business has an altruistic side, which can suggest that you’re a company with good morals.

Consider a cause that you support and look into charities that support this cause. You could even consider starting your own charity if you can’t find one that takes your fancy.

sponsorship for your brand
Start your own sponsorship to boost your business reputation and help others along the way.

Supporting charities won’t just be good for your reputation, but could provide a morale boost to you and your employees.

Ethical Marketing

This relates to the idea of sponsoring charities but has more to do with your overall company values. Today’s customers tend to care very much about the ethics of a company – they want to put their money into companies that will not only benefit them but benefit the world.

Taking measures to make your company more environmentally friendly and abiding by fair trade standards will help to gain trust in your company.

Make sure that this is a major feature in your branding and marketing. However, let people know that you use organic materials or that you pay fair wages to foreign workers.

Hire Friendly, Experienced Staff for Businesses Reputation

The staff that you choose to employ within your business can influence your reputation massively. They can either provide your customers with the most enjoyable, memorable experience or encourage them to turn around and walk straight back out of the door empty-handed!

Your team needs to be trained on how to provide the best possible customer service. Not only that but remember the basics. Such as always maintaining a positive expression and ensuring that they can be as welcoming as possible.

Being greeted with a friendly smile when you walk into a store can make a world of difference. That is true especially if you’ve just left another shop in which you received bad service!

The more experienced your team is then the better their skills are likely to be. Then, when it comes to customer service you need to spend time on the shop floor conversing with visitors from all walks of life. This will help to build confidence and establish the best approach with your customers.

Your staff should be able to make your customers feel right at home in your store. This is the perfect way to ensure they return back time and time again!

They’ll also be more than happy to start spreading the message about your brand through word of mouth. That is what happens when they regularly receive a great level of service inside your store. So it’s certainly a step you should consider taking.

How To Build Your Business Reputation by Creating An Attractive Storefront

Next, it’s time to create the most attractive storefront that is able to entice people into your store like never before. The way that you present your business will no doubt impact your reputation.

As you can either be known as a messy, unprofessional, and worn-out business, or boost your reputation with trendy designs, clean lines, and a totally top-standard feel.

Your storefront should be a snapshot of the rest of your brand. Showcasing to every passerby just how creative and committed you and your team are.

You need an eye-catching sign that’s able to grab people’s attention from far and wide. As well as some kind of presentation of the products or services that you offer.

an attractive storefront
Create an attractive storefront that people want to enter into.

Customers need to know what you provide before they walk through the door!

Utilize extra technology such as a Loop Tv and a self-service checkout area to give off the impression that your store is new and up to date, as this can make a world of difference

Make Your Website Interactive To Build Your Businesses Reputation

Last but by no means least, you need to take the time to improve your reputation on the web as well as in person. It can be really hard to establish the best level of customer service online.

As you do not get the opportunity to speak with your audience face-to-face. Furthermore, you cannot guide them to the products or services that they so desperately desire from your brand.

This can mean that your business’s reputation takes a hit. Moreso if you maintain a low-quality website that has only the most basic of features.

One of the best ways to transform your platform to better promote a positive reputation is by making your website interactive. This way you can actually converse with users. You can offer a better standard of customer service through the interactive website.

You can answer any questions they may have, and link them to the right pages. Furthermore, help them to maintain ultimate peace of mind that you are a trustworthy business that they can put their faith in!

Monitor Your Businesses Reputation with a Listening Tool

There is a fabulous listening and business reputation management tool you can try out for FREE to monitor your business’s reputation online. It’s called Brand24. You can read a full review here about it: ——->

How Brand24 Works and Monitors Your Brand and Name For You!

But it’s a great way to see what others are saying about you online and on social media. That is something a Google alert cannot do for you.

I’d recommend you use both Google Alert and Brand24 to monitor your brand’s mentions online. These are great business reputation management tools for you to use.

You can have both set up to send you emails daily or weekly, it’s your choice.

In Conclusion: How to Build Your Businesses Reputation

You can build the strongest reputation when you can take the time to utilize some of the excellent ideas that have been explained above. So what are you waiting for?

What are you doing to build your business’s reputation today? I’d love to know more in the comments below!

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