What If Your Small Business Begins To Deviate From Its Core Values?

I deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from my phone a few minutes ago. They were not in line with my business’s core values. Will you change it if your small business begins to deviate from its core values? 

I have no interest in politics. And, I have not watched the news in 20 years. I spend a fair chunk of my day blogging but spend an almost bigger portion meditating, doing yoga, walking in nature, and studying spiritual books.


Staying Focused On My Business Blog vs. Deviate From Core Values

Make no mistake about it; I will still use Facebook and Twitter on my laptop but only for:

  • sharing content
  • replying on Messenger and replying to Direct Messages
  • responding to FB comments and text-only @replies on Twitter

I plan to spend no more than 5-10 minutes on each site daily. Why? Recent censoring, clear narratives, and the overall environment on Facebook and Twitter revealed how neither site is about free speech but both sites are about fear-mongering, fighting, and division.

My small business is almost exclusively built on the concepts of:

  • love
  • respect
  • compassion
  • freedom
  • forgiveness
  • generosity
  • personal responsibility

A small collection of Facebook and Twitter users post content in alignment with my values but one look at the Twitter trending topics always reveals:

  • negative news stories built on division, judgment, and an overall attitude of fear
  • mindless gossip void of value or meaning
  • silly memes loaded with ridiculous fluff

Do any of these ideals fit the core values of my business? No. I shall spend no more than 2-5 minutes on Twitter daily.

Your small business begins to deviate from your core sometimes fast and other times slowly over time.

Censorship By Social Media Networks

Facebook also seems to be moving further from concepts I value with my blogging business. Although less obvious than Twitter, the censorship in the name of silencing voices in regard to news and political items seems less than honest to me.

I published a single update quoting facts from a government agency concerning a news topic causing suffering for the world but offering an honest perspective using government stats still triggered a flag warning how fact-checkers basically challenged my update.

online censorship

What fact checkers does Facebook employ? King Solomon? Honest Abe Lincoln?

Facebook employees who check facts possess a clear agenda because most fact-checked and disputed claims seem contrary to mainstream media reports, from my personal experience.

The Solution If Your Small Business Begins To Deviate From Its Core Value

Honor your core values 100% of the time. Let go of any income channel, small business strategy, or marketing technique not fully resonant with what you value.

Ignoring your moral compass always leads to dicey situations down the road.

Ethical entrepreneurs sleep well, prosper, and maintain peace of mind by demanding their small business model completely resonates with their values.

But in a Universe of change, being nimble, flexible, and honest requires you to see warning signs any time your business or marketing strategies stop resonating with your values.

Twitter presented a different strategy since I joined 12 years ago, 2 years after the company launched. Ditto for Facebook. Noting how each social media site slowly but gradually changed its approach, tactics, and strategies warned me to use each less as I got clearer on my brand message.

Your Business Value

My business and brand values began to heavily deviate from the values each social media site portrayed for the past year or so; I summarily spent increasingly less time on Twitter and Facebook.

Build all marketing channels, business models, and income streams around what you value to keep your integrity intact.

Never sell out because losing your integrity may not immediately lower your profits but the guilty, heavy, worrisome feeling of doing the wrong things weighs steadily on your mind for hours, days, and weeks. For every Facebook, there are 50 more ways to connect with human beings online. For every Twitter, there are 100 more ways to market your blog.

Never attach yourself to one network for its sheer user base. Building a thriving small business is a relationship and value game, not a numbers game. 5, 10, or 20 rabidly loyal:

  • readers
  • customers
  • clients
  • brand advocates

can help you build a thriving online business based on their sheer passion and also based on the reach and power of their communities.

Any entrepreneur can serve, bond with, and befriend 5, 10, or 20 highly loyal fans through any website.

What if your small business model evolves into an idea completely deviating from your core values?

Slowly but gradually dissolve the business as you begin building a business completely vibing with your values. Create an entirely passive income model based on eBooks, audiobooks, courses, and paperbacks to free yourself from social media narratives.

Explore your talents. Perhaps you dissolve your social media marketing business but your blogging or networking skills can be easily translated into 10 eBooks, 3 courses, and the 10 audiobook and paperback versions of your eBooks.

Consulting and coaching services are real possibilities too.

Do what you value.

Let go of what you do not value.

Allow your moral compass to guide you toward greater small business success.

What will you do if your small business begins to deviate from your core values?

Please drop a comment so we can have a frank discussion here.

2 thoughts on “What If Your Small Business Begins To Deviate From Its Core Values?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    With all the stuff going on with censorship, so many are leaving FB and Twitter. Knowing there is a lot of negativity on these platforms, I just scroll past them. I’m pin focused on my business and those who like what I share on social platforms.
    I do like to keep in touch with my FB friends I have known for over 10 years.
    I find engaging with those who I vibe with an uplifting experience….Like when I see your FB lives and posts. I enjoy them.
    However, the whole censorship thing doesn’t get me down. As long as we are focused on our business (sharing blog posts, doing some FB ads) it still can work. It does for me.

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