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When Your Small Business Grows, Do You? 3 Unique Ways To Grow

Your small business grows when you grow. And, your small business stalls when you regress.

Your small business never grows at all if you do not grow at all.

Observe your personal growth. Do you give freely of your time and talent daily? Did you spend the past year experiencing a surge of personal growth?

Have you evolved? Has your generosity, patience, and persistence expanded exponentially over the years?

Massive small business growth occurs if you choose to grow as an individual over the long haul. Why?

Building A Thriving Small Business Depends On *Your*:

  • intent
  • openness to learning from experienced entrepreneurs
  • willingness to do freeing but uncomfortable things
  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence
  • genuine nature

Note the mention of *your* in the prior sentence. Everything depends on your qualities. A small business is completely neutral in and of itself.

Unskilled entrepreneurs who greedily or desperately chase hot niches rarely make a dime because the entrepreneur, not the niche, makes the money.

Niches are lifeless concepts. Skilled, experienced entrepreneurs make their small businesses sing through their individual growth. That is how a small business grows.

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Personal Growth As Your Small Business Grows

I had only worked jobs to cover the bills prior to my becoming a blogger over a decade ago. Then, I grew little as a person before my blogging days because I worked to survive and never gave time to meditating, doing yoga, observing my thoughts and feelings, or doing anything accelerating my personal growth.

Of course, I could not initially grow my blogging business because the person running the person did not grow as an individual. But slowly, steadily, and indeed choosing to engage in self-help practices like meditating and doing yoga allowed me to evolve as a balanced person.

meditation grows your small business
Take time to meditate and think then watch how your small business grows.

Evolving influenced me to blog from energies of love, compassion, generosity, and trust over the years because I faced my fears.

My blogging business only grew because I generously helped people. I only generously helped people because I grew as a human being.

Accelerate Your Small Business Growth

Spend more time and energy growing as an individual to accelerate your small business growth.

As within, so without.

Engaging in personal development feels uncomfortable or flat-out painful sometimes. I gradually evolved from believing writing 300 words daily was enough to help people write upwards of 10,000 or more words daily between guest posts and blog posts.

The word volume didn’t matter as much but the fears I faced to hone my writing skills tested the limits of my sanity.

Growing may feel freeing but sometimes uncomfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to grow your business because all profits sit well outside of your comfort zone.

Spend more time and energy growing as an individual to accelerate your small business growth. #smallbusiness Click To Tweet

Small Business Grows As Entrepreneurs Grow Out Of Their:

  • fears
  • limiting beliefs
  • confining states of mind

to become business owners who:

  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently

grow their small business into a thriving venture. Individual growth precedes business growth.

Every small business owner offers different advice for growth. I personally engage in 3-4 hours of energy management daily to be the professional blogger I am today.

But that’s just me; I realized how blogging becomes easier and easier if I do the freeing but sometimes uncomfortable thing of meditating, doing yoga, and exercising for 4 hours daily.

Other business owners prefer to skip the big commitment to personal development to trudge through small business growth. Everything depends on your level of awareness plus your commitment to your authentic life path.

I simply observed how much easier it feels to grow my blogging business by giving 1/6th of each day specifically to offline personal development because I dissolve many fears fueling common small business struggles.

Blogging still feels quite uncomfortable sometimes no matter how much you grow offline but sharpening your mind makes creating content, building connections, and monetizing your blog easier because you have fewer mental blocks to face.

Therefore, your business grows as you grow.

Your Turn On How Small Business Grows

Do you small business owners out there want a guide for thinking like a successful blogger or small business owner? Please drop a comment on your growth in the comments below. 


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