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Enhance Your Business Model – 8 Ways to Grow To New Heights

If you want to be more successful, you may need to have a look at your business model. What is a business model?

Your business model is essentially how you conduct business, your priorities, and your business culture, among other things.

It could be seen as your internal personality. If you have looked over your figure and feel that you could be producing more revenue, you need to develop a holistic approach and create change where necessary.

Change is an essential tenant in business as nothing stays static. This is never as true as it is in this modern world. Without being adaptable, you will find that you are outperformed by your competitors sooner rather than later.

It has to be said that running your own small business isn’t always easy. There are likely going to be many different responsibilities that you have to think about during each and every shift to keep your brand above water.

Learning how to manage your company while also overseeing and directing your team can be a tough task to undertake. It’s far too easy to allow productivity levels to slip as a result.

However, figuring out how you can start to gain back control over your small business so that you can better promote productivity doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think.

There are a number of simple yet effective steps that you can make the most of to boost staff morale, set higher standards, and reach your full potential quickly.

Start With A Business Plan

If you want to enhance your business model and drive growth, then you need to develop a new business plan. This gives you the opportunity to look at all the pieces of your business and really delve into what works and what doesn’t.

The more objective you can be when you do this, the better your eventual outcome. Emotion, such as loving an aspect of your business that is really not working, will get you nowhere. You have to be ruthless.

objectives for business model
Set up your goals and objectives for your business model.

So take a good look at where the company is, in terms of finances, assets, staff, business areas, etc., and work out what you need to do to drive you onwards. You can develop a plan which doubles down in some areas and possibly eliminates others.

Or, you may want to merge some areas together and develop whole new ones. It really depends on your specific goals and objectives.

Your business plan will act as the scaffolding for this change. It will help you remain calm and steady as your progress.

Set Inspiring Goals

The most effective step that you can follow to promote great productivity levels in your small business is to set motivational goals that will push your staff to achieve their full potential.

When you don’t set your team any goals to work towards, you are essentially forcing them into wandering aimlessly from one task to another with no real sense of direction. This will no doubt impact the way that they can operate, as you need to set clear goals that they can work towards in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and be genuinely proud of their efforts.

Ensure that the aims you set are challenging yet still achievable, as making their goals too difficult to reach will have the reverse effect.

Offering brilliant rewards to those who meet their goals can also be of benefit to further boost productivity. Your team will no doubt want to benefit from a potential bonus or an extra day’s holiday.

Don’t make the mistake of offering a low-level reward like a box of chocolates, as this could easily be perceived as an insult suggesting that you undervalue your employee’s hard work. Offering rewards can be motivational for both the recipient and those around them who don’t quite make it.

Those who don’t meet their goals will be more inspired than ever to get their head in the game. Thus, work harder to achieve them so that they can subsequently enjoy the same benefits and advantages.

Promote Better Levels Of Communication in Your Business Model

Another brilliant way to improve productivity in your small business is by promoting better communication.

Having no clear plan of action that has been predetermined by you and your team will simply cause your small business to descend into chaos, as you need a clear sense of direction with set rules and boundaries for your staff to follow.

Thankfully it can be easy to promote better levels of communication, as you can start off by setting up regular meetings. These meetings give you the chance to catch up on any news while monitoring progress and discussing any of the aforementioned goals that you have taken the time to set.

Choosing to host a once-daily meeting in the morning will help to set your team up for the day, and it can even help to reduce the likelihood of error, confusion, and time wastage, too.

Additionally, making sure that your staff has access to a reliable communications system that they can use even when they are working remotely will help to keep your small business running smoothly.

You’re going to need a top-quality small business phone system to relay messages and stay in the loop, especially if you need to get an answer fast – calling is instant, and you can get an immediate reply unlike email or other IM options that may lead to a greater delay in communication.

communication in business models
Be sure that excellent communication and communication tools are in your business models.

Set A Brilliant Example For Your Team To Follow

Owning a small business gives you the chance to run your own select close-knit team. Therefore, you can develop a strong relationship with your limited number of colleagues.

As your team will likely look up to you as a source of inspiration, a brilliant way that you can successfully lead them towards total success is by setting a great example for them to follow.

Your team needs someone who is as hard-working and committed as possible to keep them motivated during each and every shift.

So, being a productive boss will help your entire team function more efficiently, as they will be able to look up to you as a guiding light that shows them the ideal route to success.

It’s fair to say that becoming a source of motivation and inspiration isn’t always easy. However,  you can begin by setting yourself a few relevant goals as you would for your employees.

Like aiming to do something like improving your own organizational skills will not only benefit your career but inspire your team to improve too, so it’s a win-win situation.

Setting yourself goals also proves that you’re totally involved in your small business model, as your team will recognize with ease just how committed you are. When you take your own role seriously, this can be greatly inspiring for all of your staff.

On the other hand, if you were to make the mistake of letting them think that you don’t really care about your small business or its customers, then they will simply follow suit and offer the same poor work ethic.

Never Be Afraid To Outsource

It’s vital that you can take the time to explore the pathway of outsourcing if you wish to improve standards within your small business. Outsourcing can be briefly described as the act of contracting another individual or company to perform certain tasks on behalf of your business.

It’s fair to say that nearly all areas of your small business can be outsourced in today’s modern world, and taking the opportunity to outsource can provide you with a host of different benefits too.

For example, you can enlist the services of a digital reception desk to answer your phone calls if you don’t have such an employee of your own. You can also take the opportunity to seek out skilled IT support that can help to cover and resolve any technical issues or aid you in creating and maintaining a beautiful website.

Any small business is likely to outsource tasks for a variety of reasons, whether this is due to a lack of expertise in-house or even because of staff constraints that mean other projects need to take priority.

outsourcing to grow your biz
Don’t be afraid to outsource to grow your small biz.

Make sure that you always perform your own research into any outsourcing companies or individuals before you allow them anywhere near your small business.

You need to be able to maintain complete trust and faith that the service you are paying for can provide you with both a high-quality finish and great value for money.

Incorporate New Technology to Enhance Business Model

As part of your business model plan, you may create a budget for new technology. If you are not in the habit of integrating new technology into your business, then you may well be unaware of the potential benefits it can bring.

The fact is, new technology and innovations are being created all the time, which make business more efficient and more productive. If your competitors are embracing this kind of change, but you are not, then it is only a matter of time before you start falling behind them.

New technology and software can offer you more functions and features that speed up processes. They can automate slow and outdated processes and free up your staff so that they become more productive.

Something such as sales automation ai for your business can drastically improve your ability to process sales. More sales mean more revenue, and that drives growth.

Motivate Your Staff  To Grow To New Heights

Part of your new business model needs to be about creating a new and improved company culture. The culture of the company can determine how motivated and productive your staff are. As a leader, it is your job to inspire and motivate your staff.

There are many ways you can do this, such as involving them in important decisions and listening to their options. You need them to feel valued as this makes someone more motivated.

Be Ready to Pivot As Part of Your Business Model

Have a plan B ready if you need to pivot your business model. Things change rapidly today and you never know when you will need to change your business. Your business will then stay ahead of the curve and competition.

For example, 2 years ago I had to pivot teaching classes online from in-person sessions. It allowed me to generate a more passive income along the way.

Your Input On Growing Your Biz With A Model

How are you changing your business model? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments if you are or have changed it in the past.

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4 thoughts on “Enhance Your Business Model – 8 Ways to Grow To New Heights”

  1. Hi Lisa – I agree with all of these points. Goal setting in particular is so important. There are freelancers who outsource some of their work in order to grow their business, and you are right – you should never be afraid of doing so. It’s a good thing as long as you outsource the right type of work to the right people. Setting a good example for the people you outsource to is also really important. If you’re not doing that great of a job for yourself, they might feel like they don’t have to do a very good job either. This post contains really good advice. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sabina. Yes, if you want to grow you have to hire help or outsource it to get the work done and take on new projects to make more money. You definitely need the right people to do it, they can make or break your business. Thanks for coming by on this one and have a great week!

  2. Outsourcing is such a biggie Lisa. I think of the time and energy I have saved my hiring my web developer and designer. Invest in people who do what you cannot do to scale, expand and thrive with your business. Excellent blog post.

    1. Hi Ryan, yes it is a big one! My techie has saved me a ton of time and aggravation over the years. I also have 2 freelancers that help with scheduling social media for clients. It gives me time to grow other parts of my business. Thanks for coming by on this one Ryan. Make it a great day!

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