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How to Increase Profits in Your Small Business

Your company’s bottom line is its income after all costs have been deducted from revenue. It can also be referred to as your net profit or net earnings. How to increase profits is vital for business growth and sustenance, but many companies struggle to increase profit margins.

According to SmallBizTrends, only 40% of small businesses in America are profitable. As such, it is prudent to explore various ways to make your company more profitable in the long run.

Below are some points to consider in order to achieve this.

Revise Your Collection Procedures

Many business experts agree that late-paying clients can cause severe cash flow problems that can quickly lead to your company’s demise. Indeed, having several delinquent client accounts is solid proof of your company’s loose credit terms.

Consequently, it would be best to revise your general collection procedures by charging late fees and high interest on all unpaid invoices. Additionally, consider limiting the credit you give to regular late payers by demanding part payments before starting a fresh project.

increase profit margins
Increase profit margins by making collections for your small business.

Furthermore, you can offer affordable installment plans so clients can commit to sending you checks for your products and services more easily.

You can also use good hospital contract management software to improve your collections if you run a hospital, so keep this in mind.

Train staff to Boost Productivity and Increase Profits

Your company’s bottom line is negatively affected by poorly-trained employees who can cost you thousands of dollars annually in lost productivity.

Consequently, it is advisable to train your staff to understand their jobs and hold them accountable for their output. The time and money you spend on training your workers to be more productive team members, better customer service agents, and zealous brand ambassadors will result in higher outputs.

Your company will also enjoy better products, happier clients, and increased retention rates, all of which will increase profit margins for your business.

Control Your Overhead Expenses to Increase Profit Margins

Numerous expensive overhead expenses can cripple excellent companies out of business. Therefore, it is critical to control your overhead expenses to make your enterprise more profitable.

For instance, you can share your space with another enterprise to decrease your office lease cost. Also, research estimates that about 36.2 million Americans could be working remotely by 2025. Therefore, you can allow your employees to telecommute to spend less on your lease and prepare for the future.

Furthermore, invest in software solutions that automate routine tasks like accounts payable and data storage. It would also help to obtain updated quotes for all services at least every three years to ensure that you get the best prices possible.

Market Smarter to Increase Profits

Marketing is one of the essential things every company must stay on top of to remain competitive in today’s business environment. However, it can eat up a significant aspect of your budget, so it is vital to find ways to market smarter, not harder.

Smart marketing involves focusing on the return on investment to maximize the cash you pump in.

For instance, instead of attempting to grow sales by 30% over the next six months, you can instead reduce your cost per customer acquisition by 30%. You can achieve this by adding attractive products and services that boost your main offering’s quality.

marketing budget
Trim your marketing costs to increase profit margins.

Your high-value consumers are more likely to buy these extra items due to their trust in your company. As such, you can enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales to boost your bottom line.

Your Turn at Increase Profits For Your Small Biz

What other ideas do you have to increase profits at your small biz? We’d love to discuss in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Increase Profits in Your Small Business”

  1. All good tips Lisa. Leaving money on the table because you do not collect makes little sense. Have a collection process in place to better collect income due. Of course, after a while it makes sense to completely let go dead beats LOL. Letting go helps you grow if people simply will not pay; their bad karma, not yours.


    1. Hi Ryan, thank you. Yes, I have to do this every month with a couple of clients. Others send money as soon as they are billed. Some people just love to procrastinate but they always come through with gentle reminders. One not so gentle as I stopped doing the work, and then the check came really fast – LOL. Yes, bad karma is not good to have around, that’s for sure. Thanks for your input here Ryan and have a great day!

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