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Field Service Technicians – 6 Ways To Quickly Empower Them

Your field service technicians play a vital role in connecting your brand with your customers. They provide customer support and emergency help, while also being the face of your business when interacting with past, returning, and prospective clients. 

At the same time, field service agents and technicians face unique challenges, such as taking on the responsibility for troubleshooting operations without the help of an experienced team.

Fortunately, with the right tools and attitude, you can value their skills, empower them, and provide them with career progression options. Here’s what you need to know. 

Protect Your Business

One of the most important aspects to focus on is the security of your business: you’ll need to make sure that your brand is legally, physically, and financially safe at all times. This is especially true when your employees are on their own and working on the field on behalf of your company. 

To do so, you’ll need to surround yourself with the right professionals – such as an accountant and a Car Accident Lawyer – and invest in ad hoc insurance policies.

Make sure to have the right safety net in place before an accident happens! 

Equip Field Service Technicians with Advanced Technology

Some of the unique challenges that field service technicians face on a daily basis include the pressure to meet high business standards, poor communication, a lack of remote support, and inadequate training. Fortunately, technology can help you improve all of these aspects. 

By leveraging a field service app equipped with video functionalities, you can help track the work of your technicians, ensure they are paid correctly, and offer them a direct line of communication with experts at your business’s headquarters. 

Videos help field service technicians do their jobs better.

Provide Relevant Training

Training is important in any industry, but it is even more so in the service field sector, where your employees will not have the support of a team of experts at all times.

Fortunately, with the right technological tools and adequate training, you can prepare your field service agents to face any challenge that may come up. 

What’s more, providing high-quality training is one of the most important steps to take to stop losing your most talented employees and value your current team.

You want to be sure your service technician qualifications are met after training.

Foster a Culture of Communication

Communication is essential in every single aspect of a business’s operations. However, when field service agents are dispatched, they’ll need to have access to high-quality, streamlined communication channels. 

This is essential to help them access all information that is needed at the right time, and without delays. To foster a culture of communication within your business, implement accessibility strategies and feedback programs.

However, don’t forget to provide field service agents with practical communication tools, such as hotlines, emergency phone numbers, live chat options, and more. 

Offer Opportunities for Progression

Over the past years, the cost of field service operations has increased significantly, which has brought on more challenges for businesses that rely on this work model. In this scenario, it is vital to retain your most talented and highly trained employees.

To do so, consider offering your field service agents progression opportunities, continuing education, and specialized training programs.

Do you know the service technician salary that other companies are paying? That’s another factor to consider so they don’t go elsewhere.

opportunity for field service technician
Provide your field service technicians with opportunities so they will be long-term employees.

Trust Their Experience and Ability To Be Brand Ambassadors

When it comes down to empowering your team of field service technicians, it is critical to build a relationship of trust.

If you have trained them correctly and created the right workplace culture to promote their overall well-being, it is now time to trust their technical skills to be brand ambassadors for your company.

Your Turn on Field Service Technicians

Have you empowered your field service technicians recently? I’d love to hear about it and if it helped to grow your small business.

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