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Best Declutter Tips: Which Devices Are Slowing Your Biz Down?

Having too much digital clutter on your devices could be slowing you down. On top of causing your devices to run slower, this clutter could be making it harder to track down specific files. When it comes to devices that you use for work, this could be getting in the way of your productivity. Below are the best declutter tips on how you can declutter your devices to speed up your work and be more efficient.

As Ben Franklin once said, “Time is Money.”  Saving time also equals saving money.

Device Decluttering

Uninstall Software That You Don’t Regularly Use

Uninstalling unused software can free up lots of space, which could be handy if you’re running low on disc space. It may also have other advantages too.

If you’re paying for that software and you don’t use it regularly, canceling your subscription could be a chance to save some extra money each month.

Think about which software you really don’t use, and consider removing it. The same goes for unused applications on phones and tablets that clog your digital clutter.

Best Declutter Tips for Emails

If you use Gmail and you have thousands of emails you may get a notice that your space is almost full. Do not keep any unwanted emails and especially those with attachments as they take up a lot of space.

I had to spend one whole day deleting files from my Gmail account. (or no new emails could be seen!)

It would have been easier to delete them daily so start deleting your emails on a daily basis to save you time in the future. You don’t want to miss any work orders in your emails.

Below is a how-to-video to help you delete multiple emails at once.

Declutter Your Downloads Folder

If you’re constantly downloading files as part of your work, it could be worth occasionally going through your downloads folder to get rid of files.

Some of these downloaded files could have huge file sizes and you may have no real use for them. This decluttering tip could help to free up a lot of disc space and digital clutter.

declutter tips for downloads
Find and declutter your download file to save space and time finding files.

However, if you need to keep any of these files you could store them on a data stick. Be sure to label your data sticks if you have more than one.

Clearing Your Cache To Declutter

Clearing your computer’s cache can effectively declutter and optimize its performance. When you browse the internet or use various applications, temporary files, such as images and scripts, are stored in the cache to speed up future access.

However, over time, this cache can accumulate and become bloated, leading to a sluggish computer. By clearing the cache, you can remove unnecessary files, free up valuable storage space, and enhance your computer’s overall speed and efficiency.

Not only can you clear the cache on your computer or laptop but you can do it on your mobile device as well.

So many times my clients may not find an update on their website or on social and I remind them to clear their cache, I must say that phrase several times a week.

Oftentimes, people forget declutter tips include clearing their caches.

Create Folder Systems That Minimize Scrolling

You shouldn’t have to scroll down for ages to find the right file. Make it easy to locate files by using folders and subfolders. Once folders contain so many files that you need to scroll down, consider creating new subfolders within them to help divide files up.

It’s up to you as to what folder system you use – an alphabetical system may be the easiest, or you may find a dating system is better (if you can easily recall the dates of specific files).

Declutter Tips for Your Photos and Videos

Photos and videos can take up a lot of storage space. Whether you’re keeping them on your hard drive or on a cloud server, it’s worth occasionally going through them to delete any unnecessary photos or videos.

Things like duplicate photos could be particularly worth getting rid of – this post offers a few ideas on how to get rid of these files easily as you declutter from them.

Marketing, photography, and videography companies are more likely to accumulate these types of files. Don’t forget to check your photo files from social media sites, downloads, and collages.

Photos and videos can take up a lot of storage space. Whether you’re keeping them on your hard drive or on a cloud server, it’s worth going through to delete any unnecessary ones. Share on X

Declutter Tips For Devices: They Regularly Restart to Free Up RAM

It’s not just low disc space that can slow down your devices, but also low RAM. Random-access memory is used for storing temporary files which delete themselves every time you shut down and restart your computer.

If you constantly leave your computer on standby and never shut it down, you could find that your computer starts running out of RAM. Make sure that you’re periodically restarting your computer.

This won’t just help you to free up RAM, but could also ensure that updates are being installed on your computer so that your software is as secure as it can be. It will also free up disk space on your tablet or computer to run faster.

Digital Declutter Tips: Conclusion

In conclusion, incorporating these digital decluttering tips into your business operations can lead to significant time and cost savings. By organizing and streamlining your digital files and systems, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

Additionally, reducing digital clutter can mitigate the risk of data breaches and improve overall data security, saving your business from potential financial and reputational damage.

By saving on your digital clutter you can save your business a lot of time and money. Digital clutter can really slow down your business processes.

I hope these declutter tips will help you save time in your small business starting today.

Your Turn

What are your best declutter tips can you add to save us time and money?

So many times my clients may not find an update on their website and I remind them to clear their cache, I must say that phrase several times a week. Share on X
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