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Key Management System: 3 Ways It Benefits Your Small Biz

A key management system can be very beneficial for your small biz today. It is no secret that we live in a digital world; almost everything we do is online.

However, that also means that some of our most essential business items are stored on things like hard drives. Physical keys and restricted keying systems are still the number one way to ensure that your business’s physical assets are kept safe.

Let’s take a look at all of the ways that your business will benefit from a range of different key options.

Temps and Interims

People who have been hired for a short stint will only need access to a small amount of the building. Most commonly, they will get a keyfob to access the main door, and that is it.

But what about when it comes to cleaning crews or those who are working on the building? An automated key management system will mean you know who has what key, where it can be used, and even a registered user can see it in a database.

Once they have finished their role, the key can be deactivated and will be rendered useless.

Reduced Key Loss With A Key Management System

One of the benefits of a key management structure is that reminders can be set up to hand in keys for digital keys. Key fobs are usually attached to larger items solely used for work purposes and are less likely to be lost.

Plus, a key management system with different levels of access. That means that if the key is lost, it can be deactivated as soon as reported. But until that point, it only has limited building access.

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Security of Key Management System

Security is the number one reason to have a restricted key system in place. That is because it is proven to work. Entry management systems put control in the hands of the business itself.

Furthermore, it can stop unauthorized people from entering certain building parts.

It makes it much harder for unwanted people to access parts of the building – and impossible for it to go unnoticed.


As a business, one of the key things you should be looking out for is the safety of your staff. In the last 20 years, there has been an increase in intruders in the workplace – with catastrophic outcomes. Putting ID checking and limited access is one of the ways that you can help to keep your staff safe.

As a business, you are more likely to spot any unusual behavior or unwanted visitors quickly, and your security staff can take action.

You can work with a locksmith company. This locksmith company can make sure that the restricted key system you have in place is the most practical system for your needs.

You can discuss your long-term needs and how the system will be managed. As well as implementing any other longer-term security systems like cameras and more.

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Keep your business safe with cameras and keys to avoid intruders.

Key management can be part of your overall business security, and taking stock of your assets is another part: What Are Business Assets & How to Manage & Protect Them.

Conclusion: Smart Key Management System

Managing keys can be a real hassle, especially when you’ve got a bunch to handle. That’s where smart key management structures come into play, simplifying your life significantly.

With these systems, you’re not just avoiding the annoyance of lost keys, but you’re also stepping into a world of heightened security and efficiency.

Whether it’s for personal use or managing a large facility, the smart technology ensures you have the right access at the right time without the traditional complexity.

What type of keys are your small business using today to increase security?

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