maintaining company vehicles in winter

Maintaining Company Vehicles This Winter To Avoid Risk – 4 Ways

Winter is around the corner and this means that you and your employees are going to find it more difficult to get into the office. Of course, you can make working more flexible. You could offer more opportunities for people to work from home or flexible hours to make sure nobody’s having to head to or from the company car park in the dark. You want to be sure to be especially maintaining company vehicles for the winter season.

But ultimately, you are going to find that you need some people to attend face-to-face meetings or simply be within your commercial space in order for your business to keep ticking over. If your team makes use of company vehicles, it’s absolutely essential that you take some time to make sure that they’re up to scratch before the worse weather hits.

Temperatures will drop and driving conditions will grow harsh, making a good-condition vehicle a top priority during the winter.

Here are some areas you might want to focus on to keep everyone safe on the road by maintaining company vehicles now.

Repairs For Maintaining Company Vehicles

If any repairs need to be made on any of the vehicles, it really is important that you do it before the cold weather hits. Winter conditions put cars under more pressure, meaning that any existing damage will likely grow worse if left unattended.

No matter what repairs need a professional once over – that could be grinder pump repair, replacement tires, or anything else.

You have to make sure that the vehicle gets into a professional and reliable garage as soon as possible. The longer you leave issues unaddressed, the more costly they will be to resolve in the long run as you are maintaining company vehicles.

Winter Checkups

Your company vehicles should also undergo a winter checkup. Many garages and car-oriented shops will provide these free of charge or at a low cost. The checkups generally involve a few safety and basic checks to ensure that everything is up to scratch.

The service will differ depending on where you book in, but some will ensure that the vehicles’ oil is topped up, the screen wash is full, the anti-freeze is in place and tire pressure is optimal.

It’s best to book these sooner rather than later, as slots are in high demand and can fill up as soon as frost begins to settle.

get your vehicle checked for winter
Get your vehicle checked before cold weather or snow starts to fly.

Training In Maintaining Company Vehicles

It may be worth getting your team to take out additional training that ensures they know how to handle difficult situations on the road.

For example, lessons in the winter can help your team to get used to driving on icy mornings or when there’s heavy rain. They could even show you how to drive safely in the snow.

Provide Salt or Grit

If you have a company car park, you should make sure that this is well-salted or gritted. You can invest in a salt or grit bin so that your team has easy access during harsher days. Make sure you have enough before winter starts and enough to get you through a long winter season.

prepare maintaining company vehicles
Prepare ahead with road salt and grit for when the snow hits your company vehicles.

Conclusion of Maintaining Company Vehicles

Each of these steps should help you to maintain your company vehicles through the harshest time of the year. They’re important to carry out, not only for your vehicle’s condition but for your team’s safety too!

How does your small business maintain its company vehicles for winter? I’d love to know more about it in the comments below.

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