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Relevant Solutions In Ever Changing Business World

The pandemic has injected a wind of renewal into the traditional business world. Between 2020 and 2022. Where countless organizations across the world have embraced remote work options in an effort to survive. The hyper-digitization of various industry sectors, however, has slowed down since. Now businesses need relevant solutions to todays problems.

Nowadays, more and more formerly remote employees are at risk of losing their roles if they can’t relocate closer to the office. Indeed, covid assistance funds are long depleted, revealing the underlying post-pandemic recession. Businesses need to prioritize their expenses to keep up.

This means two things for SMBs: the end of remote working options and the start of a huge lay-off wave. Protecting your income comes with building a recession-proof career — you can read more here on this.

But have you also considered making yourself not only indispensable at work but also more visible in your industry? Being seen and heard can be the very thing that will protect your role.

Relevant Solutions With Assertiveness

Effective communication is vital to interact effectively in the business world. It is the underlying skill behind shareholder management, team management, client pitching, team building, and customer care. But effective communication without assertiveness is not remotely enough to make your role professionally relevant during a recession.

Assertiveness elevates your communication skills to display self-confidence, self-respect, and honesty. Stating your needs and not being afraid to put yourself out there also shows a high level of awareness and openness while framing your boundaries. 

Assertive individuals are valuable within an organization because their non-bossy honesty and confidence drive mutual trust and enhanced cooperation. 

The Relevant Social Media Platform

LinkedIn may be the first platform that comes to mind for building a professional network. But in reality, in 2023, you want to start looking at platforms that record higher levels of engagement, such as Tiktok. Be sure to remain professional on any social network though.

LinkedIn is in the process of turning into a blue-collar Facebook, which affects both its value for users and your ability to get noticed out there. On the other hand, a modern platform like Tiktok has been constantly praised for its ability to show hyper-relevant and hyper-engaging content to the audience. 

As a professional, this is the right platform for exposure, allowing you to show off your skills while addressing common queries. More importantly, Tiktok’s algorithm can also make it easier for users to gain visibility once they’ve established their target audience. 

be seen and heard
You can be seen and heard on TikTok today.

Being seen and heard on Tiktok will serve many purposes. Firstly, you can expand and share your video content on other platforms. You can also build a digital network, which can get you noticed by other businesses.

Finally, your organization can also benefit from your visibility and leverage it for brand awareness. 

Relevant Ideas To Avoid Being Laid Off

Being seen and heard can shield professionals from being laid off. The more visible you are in and outside your organization, the more weight your role carries.

While, of course, maximizing your visibility doesn’t replace skill training, work performance, and productivity, it can give you the protection you need to secure your income.

Your Turn

What are you doing to stay more relevant today in the job market or business world? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below.

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