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6 Easy Side Hustles From Home To Start (in 2024)

The craze for the search query “Side Hustles from Home with low investment” never seems to decrease when people start realizing it’s possible to earn money online. Work-from-home side hustles have been very popular since 2020 as people left their day jobs.

No matter if you are a full-time employee, often most of the people who are in 9-5 jobs always search for a secondary income option to make a better living out of it. 

Not only full-time workers but also homemakers and students, all the time used to search for ideas to work from home to make money sitting in the comfort of the house either to start as a full-time or part-time.

So, if you are one of the categories as I mentioned earlier in person, and badly want to do something to make an extra income, this post is for you to start thinking about side hustles from home.

Different Side Hustles

Yeah! I am going to tell you about the six easy Side Hustles from Home ideas that you can start in 2024. They will help you to make an extra income to start your side hustle.

For four out of 6 online jobs on my list, you can start right away without any investment. For two on the list, you need to invest but a very minimal amount.

Remember, there are hundreds of online jobs available to start. But not all jobs offer an enormous amount of money for what you are doing. 

So, we have done adequate research on this and will show you here the five best Side Hustles from Home. These side hustles offer a decent amount of money for your work.

Without further do, Here you Go to the List of 6 Easy Side Hustles from Home to Earn Extra Money in 2024 and 2024:

Let’s get to it!

6 Easy Side Hustles From Home To Start In 2024

1. Blogging Side Hustles From Home

If you are quite familiar with the internet, then the term ‘blogging‘ may not be new to you. Blogging is one of the excellent side hustles that you can do from home. You should give it a try in 2024 to make extra income. 

Blogging needs some investment as you have to afford to register a domain and buy a web hosting account to start blogging. 

Apart from that, you can either buy paid themes and plugins. Or even can go with free themes which is more than enough to start and later you buy them if needed.

Blogging is considered a business, and a business needs investment to grow and make a profit. However, Results in blogging take time, and you must learn to keep patient and work consistently for the results. 

According to blogging experts, you must spend at least the first 6 to 8 months to understand the different basic things. Once you work well at this stage, you will see great results in your second year of Blogging. You shouldn’t quit your day job until you can understand the basics.

To become a successful blogger, there are several works you need to handle in the blogging field. Right from choosing a niche, designing your new blog, writing good content, promoting blog posts through social media channels, search engine optimization, and many more.

Having a blog, you can monetize it with different methods that make passive income from Blogging. A few standard methods are joining advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Offering your Services, etc.

You may understand that blogging is quite hard and even better, and it helps many people to become full-time and make extra cash from it. 

side hustles from home
Blogging is a great side hustle but takes time to grow and make money.

2. Become a Reseller

Reselling is an exclusive side hustle for men, women, students, or anyone. Reselling jobs have started reaching their peak from the year 2020 itself with the arrival of social commerce platforms. 

Many social commerce mobile applications are open for resellers to join for free and make money. To become a reseller, you need a smartphone. 

Reselling is damn easy, not like blogging (as stated it takes time and demands your patience to earn money) you can start making money probably from Day 1. 

Your entire work is to join as a reseller with the social commerce platform in which you want to start sharing the products straight from the app. Then get orders and you can earn money. While sharing the products, you can add your margin and the margin is your earnings.

You probably need to learn how to promote products through different social media channels to get a good number of orders. 

It is advisable to build a network in the form of collecting your customer’s contact number and creating a Whatsapp group or broadcast. So, you share products frequently with the group members and get orders.

3. Vlogging 

Vlogging is another easy Side Hustle from Home that you can start right now without any investment. And you can start your small business from home within it. 

You may have heard about the term ‘vlogging’ for sure. As the pandemic issue has taken many employees out of their job, people nowadays started creating youtube channels and uploading videos to make a living out of it. 

Yes, it is possible to earn money by uploading videos to your Youtube channel. To be a better vlogger (video blogger), you first make sure to choose your interest, and then you have to create the video content according to your field of interest.

vloggng side hustles
Vlogging is another side hustle to make money.

Start A YouTube Channel For Work From Home Side Hustles

Creating a Youtube channel is free as you can get one for yourself with your Gmail account. Once you create your channel, you have to upload videos consistently to grow your channel and get subscribers. 

When you reach 1000+ subscribers and if your video has been watched for 4000 hours, you will be able to monetize with advertisements. Once you get monetization approval, you can earn a decent amount of money from your video content as side hustles that pay well. 

The concept of blogging and vlogging is almost similar. In blogging, you have to create content in text. However, in the vlogging business, you must make the same in video format.

Same as blogging, vlogging business also takes time to make money as you have to consistently work on creating quality and useful videos to receive a higher number of views and subscribers as well.

Vlogging does not demand any investment, but if you are supposed to spend money, you can invest it in good vlogging cameras to capture better-resolution videos. 

Still, you can shoot videos from your smartphone as one of the side hustles from home. Apart, you need to learn some good editing skills to make your video perfect. However, vlogging is one of the best Online Business Ideas For Beginners to start in 2024 to make extra cash. 

4. Freelancing 

I often do freelance as a content writer on Upwork. There are more than millions of people in the world used to earn extra income as a freelancer either as full-time or part-time professionals. 

Believe me that you can choose from thousands of freelancing jobs to make extra money online. 

No matter what profession you belong to, you could probably get online jobs according to your profession. All you have to do is create an account and start bidding on projects.

There are many trusted freelancing websites available to create free accounts as a worker. A few of the best are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc.  These are great ways to work from home side hustles you can do.

Freelancing Websites For Side Hustles From Home

You can create your account on any one of the freelancing websites and input your interest and previous works if any to bid on projects. It is one of the great side hustles from home you can do today.

Many clients used to post their job requirements through these freelancing sites, according to your field of interest, you can search the projects and bid for the client’s project. 

If your proposal gets approval, you can start working on the project and make it finish to earn money. You must be adequate to meet the client’s requirements.

You can bid on any project according to what you are good at, the projects such as data entry jobs, copy-paste jobs, designing works, SEO-related tasks, and much more.

While creating your free account on these freelancing websites, make sure to write your profile with everything detailed and clear cut. So, when you bid for projects, clients may have a look at your profile and offer you work, if your resume looks professional.

freelance work
You can freelance to work from home for many side hustle jobs today if you lost your day job.

5. Create Your eCommerce Store to Sell Products

The eCommerce store job is one of my favorite Side Hustles from Home, as many people are not aware of this work to make extra cash. 

If you have something to sell (both physical and digital products), you can seamlessly create your eCommerce store, add your products there and sell it to your store visitors.

To create your e-commerce store, you need to register a domain on your brand name or even anything as your wish as well you have to get Woocommerce hosting. 

And then, with the help of a content management system called WordPress and the number one e-commerce plugin called Woocommerce, you can develop your store without much hassle.

Once you develop your eCommerce store using the platform mentioned above and the plugin, you are ready to add and publish your products.

Building An eCommerce Store

Creating an e-commerce store is a great idea in 2023 and going into 2024 as younger people nowadays prefer to buy online than walk into offline stores for purchases. 

Nowadays developing a kind of e-commerce store does not demand coding knowledge as you can create it easily with the availability of the best plugins like WooCommerce.

Of course, it takes some time for you to understand how things work, particularly in this job. As time goes on, you will start learning the process slowly by slowly.

It’s a good idea if you have products in categories like clothes, mobile accessories, footwear, etc… you can see it from your e-commerce store.

It would help if you learned some promotional strategies to drive visitors to your store. Initially, you can share your product links to social media sites, and later you may try for organic traffic by doing SEO activities which increases your store sales more than what you expect.

6. Virtual Assistant

Starting a side hustle as a virtual assistant can be a practical way to earn extra income. As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative support to businesses or entrepreneurs remotely.

Tasks may include managing emails, scheduling appointments, and handling data entry. To start, assess your skills and determine your niche.

Create a professional website and establish a strong online presence. Networking and reaching out to potential clients can help kickstart your side hustle as a virtual assistant.

Conclusion of Easy Side Hustles From Home

As I stated the term ‘Easy’ is in the post title, but after reading all these five Side Hustles from Home, you may somewhat feel challenged to start. Yeah, nothing is easy to start and succeed unless you put your hard work into it. 

So, if you care about earning extra income from online home jobs for a better living, you must put in enough effort, and then you realize why I added the term ‘Easy’ In the title.

There is a famous saying ‘Work until Expensive becomes Cheap’. I will make a little change in it ‘Work Until Hard Becomes Easy’. 

It all depends on your interest factor. Do not just work for the sake of making money instead make the jobs your passion and money will flow automatically for your work.

As there are still many perfect side hustles from home to list out, I chose to list only five as I believe these five jobs can be worth trying in 2024 to make extra money.

I hope you find this article helpful, if you like it please share it with your friends and family. Sharing is Caring. The post might benefit many as I covered the solution of the most searched term. 

Let me know which side hustle ideas from home you want to start in 2024 and if you left your day job in 2020 and beyond.

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