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Small Business Success: What 1 Quality Determines it?

Small business success does not come to you yet. Why is that?

I have been a small business owner for the past decade. Being relatively experienced helped me find the one quality successful small business owners embody: incredibly passionate about the venture.

Being incredibly passionate about your small business is different than being wild-eyed and excited for a few weeks to work on your business. New entrepreneurs usually mistake being excited for being passionate.

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Seasoned veterans know how passion drives entrepreneurs to build businesses for thousands of hours over the years.

I am writing these words at 11:05 on a Friday night because I feel incredibly passionate about blogging. Who cares that I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past decade? And who cares that I’ve blogged for 15,000 hours? Who cares that I had a busy, tiring day today? I even exercised for 3 hours as I both hiked and ran steep mountains here in the Adirondacks.

However, I write because I feel deeply passionate about both blogging and building a small business. I intend to share my passion, knowledge, and experience with you to help you create your own small business success.

Being incredibly passionate about your small business is different than being wild-eyed excited for a few weeks to work your business. #smallbusinessowners Share on X

Small Business Success: Sprinter Versus Marathon Runner

Wildly excited small business owners sprint out of the gate. Perhaps their chaotic energy carries this crowd for a bit but the wild-eyed, frenzied, excited entrepreneurs flame out and quit quickly.

Deeply passionate small business owners pace themselves like marathon runners. Wise entrepreneurs understand doing simple things generously for thousands of hours over 5-10 years is the only way to build your venture effectively. Wise small business owners make sure they get enough sleep.

Passion makes the work the reward. Work needs to be the reward because money, business, and accolades do not arrive for years. Being passionate energizes you for ups, downs, and everything in between during this fun, freeing, and sometimes uncomfortable journey.

Work needs to be the reward because money, business, and accolades do not arrive for years. #smallbusinessowners Share on X

Generous Patience For Small Business Success

Passionate small business owners exhibit generous patience. Note how genuine pros help people for free for a sustained period of time before money rolls in.

Only people who deeply love their craft give their knowledge away for free. Entrepreneurs who lack passion generally want something in return for every time these individuals help people.

This crowd vanishes into obscurity because their employee mindset precedes both their quitting and scrambling to find employment.

generous patience for small business success

Fall deeply in love with building your small business. Passion keeps you up late working for the fun of working. Passion nudges you out of bed early for the fun of working.

Successful small business owners must work for years before gaining enough skills, exposure, and credibility to build a successful business.

A genuine, stable, energized passion for growing ventures is the one quality that fuels entrepreneurs for the thousands of work hours necessary to become credible, skilled business owners with massive exposure. 

Passion keeps you up late working for the fun of working. #smallbusinesstips Share on X

Love It Or Leave It For Small Business Success 

Love your small business or simply leave it behind. Move into a different field. Or find a small business you feel passionate about.

Remember; assess passion as an authentic love and enjoyment of building your small business venture from the ground up. Passion is love, happiness, joy, patience, persistence, and generosity in all you do business-wise. Passion is not fear, straining and striving, chaotic, wild-eyed excitement, and a heavy outcomes-based approach to building your venture.

Most small business owners mistake their fear-based, wild excitement for passion when desperation and greed drive these individuals to build their venture the wrong way.

No matter what you think right now you will be working your small business for years before becoming highly successful. Shortcuts do not exist. Overnight success is a fallacy. Trying to rush or force the process is lunacy.

You better love building your small business because passion pulls you through the highs and lows on this business-building journey before success finds you and everything levels out.

Your Small Business Success

Do you need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset after working a job for a long time? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. That’s an important differentiation and one I’ve never thought of. Being excited about something can end up being really short lived. Being passionate can take you a lot further. Excitement can get your business off the ground but you need real passion to keep it going in the long run. This is the second post of yours that I’ve read, Ryan, which I will never forget! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sabina. Ryan surely has the blogging passion to keep on going each and every day! Thanks for coming by on this one and have a wonderful weekend!

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