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BizSugar: The Best Small Business Global Community To Join

Visit the BizSugar community if you want to share tips and tricks from your business to help other small businesses out there. I’ve been using their small business forum platform for years to learn and engage with other like-minded businesses in the global community.

(Be sure to use their sign-up to get yourself started.)

However, if you want to learn from other small business owners joining the Biz Sugar small business community forum is a must for you.

I’ve met small business owners from around the world there and we have helped each other out online over the years. 

(Inspire To Thrive has been a member there since 2012.)

The New Small Business Advisors Directory

Recently, Biz Sugar started a small business advisors directory for people to find services and products from small businesses.

Below you can see the categories on the left-hand side of the website to choose from. 

 small business community

If you need some guidance to choose an advisor or, do not find what you need easily, Join the Mastermind Community and message the Community Manager, Gail Gardner.

How BizSugar Works

You can submit your blog or others’ small business blog posts on the Biz Sugar Community. You are allowed up to 5 blog posts per day. Then people vote and can comment on the posts as well.

The most popular blog posts show up on the top of the home feed.

Biz Sugar for you

However, you can view them by the most popular or the most recent posts. I like looking at them both ways. Sometimes I like to know what are popular and other times I want to read the most recent content.

Oftentimes, others will click on the link to read the articles which are on your website. It can drive targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Not only that but sometimes your blog posts may be featured on Small Biz Trends as well.

It can drive targeted traffic to your website! #BizSugarCLICK TO TWEET

Filling Out Your Bio On Biz Sugar

Be sure to fill out your bio along with your business blog or website link. People can follow you and friend you as well on the network – just like most other types of social networks.

If you have been online for a while you may recognize some of the community members. You can friend others on the network too just as most other social media sites offer.

Generating Traffic On Social Media

I was inspired to write this post after they mentioned my last article on Facebook. Oftentimes, my articles may show up on Twitter X or in a Google alert via Small Biz Trends.

That website tends to drive even more traffic to mine as readers check out the articles there and come over to my other website.

They also do Facebook live events for the community and they tweet consistently.

New Comment Feature

Share BizSugar has a new comment feature where you can comment on others posts on the global business community network. It’s a great way to get to know other small business owners on the platform.

What Types of Businesses Are On BizSugar?

There are a lot of marketing companies, however, there are quite a variety of different types of business on BizSugar. The BizSugar sign-up is waiting for you.

For Example:

Entrepreneurs like Martin Z Willing of Start-Up Professionals. He is consistently posting on the network.

Martin Lindeskog from Egonetcast is a podcaster and entrepreneur. He is one of the most active commenters in the community.

Poulomi Basu of Weignitegrowth – a Seo specialist who is on many chats there with valuable information.

As well as, Ivan Widjaya of Small Business CEO who often participates.

My blogger friend Moss Clement from Moss Media is a regular contributor.

Next, there is Kia Barocha from Digital Success.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed a few others like Cox Business and Search Engine Journal as well as part of the small global business community on BizSugar.

What Is the Benefit for Your Business?

  • Keep up with the latest business trends.
  • Networking with other small business owners.
  • Connecting with other like-minded people in a safe online environment.
  • Learning new things about the business world.
  • Sharing information to help others with their business.
  • Surveying others in polls. 
  • Collaborating in a small business community.
  • Generating more targeted traffic to your website if you are a B2B business.
  • Obtaining leads and potential clients for your small business.
the bizsugar sign up for Biz Sugar Community forum

The BizSugar Webinars to Learn From

Not only do you have the forum and the community to learn from but from time to time BizSugar puts on a webinar for all of its users. I attended one a few months ago and it was very informative for running an online business. They also send out a reply after the webinar if you do register.

Check all the upcoming webinars here.

Your Turn

In Conclusion of BizSugar

Of course, I’d love to know if YOU are in any small business community forum online. If not, do not forget the BizSugar sign-up. 

Next, are you in any small business communities offline?  I’d love to know more about it in the comments below!

FAQs About The BizSugar Small Business Forum

What is a forum?

A forum is a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
“it will be a forum for people to exchange their views on a particular subject or niche.

Is BizSugar FREE to join?

Yes, it is FREE to join and use.

Can you advertise your small business on BizSugar?

Yes, you can purchase ad space on this small business community forum.

Can you be part of the advisor’s directory?

Yes, if you have a business you may join the directory as well.

How many blog posts per day can you submit to Biz Sugar?

You can submit up to 5 blog posts per day on this website.

Can any small business join this community?

Yes, any small business may join.

What do you need for your bio?

A great photo of yourself and a description of what you do and how you can help people with your products or services. Don’t forget your blog link!

Can you follow others on this network?

Yes, you can friend others and follow them on the network.

Can you comment on posts on BizSugar?

Yes and it’s a great way to interact with others in the community.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for writing about BizSugar Sharing! Did you know there is a separate BizSugar Mastermind now?

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, but I wanted to invite you and your readers to join us there, too.

    I linked to the details on how to join and log into each one from my name in this comment.

    1. You are most welcome Gail. I did, when it first started but I haven’t logged in a while. I will and add more here about it as well. Thanks for coming by and for the update. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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