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Business Building: 3 Ways To Build A Fail-Proof Biz From Inside Out

Business building from the inside out feels confusing to most entrepreneurs.

I still have to catch myself some 16 years into my entrepreneurial journey.

As the talisman of wisdom goes; as within, so without.

How you choose to think, feel, and act determines if you succeed or fail business-wise.

Looking Outside Business Building

But many entrepreneurs – myself included – sometimes look outside of themselves at people, conditions, and circumstances as sources of their small business.

Some deeply believe outside conditions, people or circumstances can harm their small businesses. But thinking outside-in goes completely against the truth: as within, so without.

Does as without, so within, sound like a smart small business model?

build your small business model
Business building from the inside for your small business model.



Outside World Always Changing

Predominantly, the outside world is fear and the outside world is always changing. Fear is an illusion. Fear is not real. But believing deeply in fear goads you to build your small business from a mindset of fear. Thinking, feeling, and acting mainly from fear brings failing or muted business results.

For example, imagine building your small business on the fear that Facebook and Google organic search results seem impossible to attain or achieve. Or perhaps you fear Facebook or Twitter censorship as greatly hampering your small business growth.

Embodying each approach is like thinking outside of fear versus thinking inside-out from love, trust, and abundance.

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are always changing. Depending on each demands you to constantly change your business model. Businesses thrive on stable business models.

Businesses die trying to depend on chaotic, ever-changing models based on wild fluctuations related to outside influences.

Stop honoring outer fear trends. Start honoring inner love trends.

Go Inner For Business Building

No matter what Facebook or Twitter does I built a large, loyal, loving blogger buddy network over the years of my online life. Facebook could disappear tomorrow but 53,000 backlinks point to Blogging From Paradise from guest posts and blog comments.

My blogging buddies approved my guest posts and blog comments; Facebook disappearing does not wipe out my blogging buddies and their blogs.

I bonded with blogging buddies through inside-out thinking. Then, I showed loved by honing and owning my blogging skills.

Finally, I spread the love by genuinely commenting on their blogs and by promoting buddies through:

  • Blogging From Paradise
  • Guest posts
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

If Facebook disappears and Twitter disappears the guest posts and blog posts remain. But only because I built my blogging campaign from love and passion sprouting within, not from fear and scarcity sprouting without. The Business building mindset knows no fear.

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Strengthening Your Mindset To Build Your Business

Do you see why I spend many hours strengthening my mindset daily? The ego solely thinks outside-in because the ego knows that inside-out thinking kills the ego in a sea of love.

Building your small business from the inside out does not mean completely abandoning worldly trends but it does mean using the outer world to help people versus blaming the outer world for not helping people.

Grow your small business by being truly helpful with the most appropriate tools available. Entrepreneurs would be wise to use tools like WordPress dot org blogs to serve people generously because you and I own our blogs.

blogging for your business

We set the rules. We are independent of Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Feel free to use each mainstream site to help people. But if each site hampers your ability to help and be seen simply use each site less and devote most time and energy to creating and connecting on blogs.

More than anything, build your venture from the inside out. Grow your small business from passion, love, and generous service, not solely by trying to outer outside trends.

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Trends Change

But your passion does not change unless you experience a change of heart.

However, if you do experience a change of heart, simply build a small business based on that passion.

Seek your business passion first. Grow your venture from the inside out.

Access an inexhaustible energy supply while avoiding the inevitable ups and downs suffered by entrepreneurs who attempt to grow their business from the outside in.

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Video to Build Your Small Business

Do you need to get clearer on your small business? What are you doing for business building today? 

Then, check out this video to establish business clarity:

How to Maintain Clarity Around Your Blogging Business

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