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Designing An Office Space For Your Business: 5 Best Ideas

Designing an office space is not easy. Setting up a business is a long and, often, daunting process. You may find that you have to start focusing on areas of operations that didn’t even originally cross your mind. If you’re launching a new product, chances are, you’re usually caught up in things like product design, product testing, branding, website creation, and more.

But as time goes on and you start to hire staff to help with your venture, you’ll quickly realize that you need to provide them with somewhere to work and this entails a lot of work, thought, and the investment itself. Designing an office space that is productive and functional will take a large effort, to begin with.

However, it’s worth it, as you then only need to maintain it over the years. Here are a few things you can do to prepare an office space for your business to operate.

Furniture Design

A large investment that you’re going to have to make is office furniture. Sure, this may seem like a pretty big outgoing, to begin with, but you will also find that these are the elements of your office space that will stand the test of time and that you and your staff will get plenty of us out of.

Start out with desks. Decide how you’d like to organize desks in your workspace and what kind of design works best for the space you’re fitting.

You should do your best to find ergonomically designed desks and you may find that investing in a couple of standing desks can better suit some of your staff’s needs and comfort too.

office desk with drawers
It’s important to be comfortable at your office desk.

Next, chairs. Chairs are going to have to be ergonomically designed, as your staff will need proper support while they are sitting at their desks day in and day out. Most office spaces opt for spinning chairs for convenience.

These allow staff to move and look around according to their focus and whether they are having conversations with other staff. They also tend to have wheels on the bottom, allowing staff to move chairs from their desk to other locations more easily.

To keep your wood furniture from getting wet stains from coffee or soda drinks in the office, use fun and unique wood coasters. These coasters come with your brand name or state outline engraved on them. They make for a unique touch for your business office design.

Office Stationery

Every office and workplace requires a lot more stationery than you’d initially imagine. You’d be surprised how many supplies your team will get through in the course of their day-to-day work and responsibilities.

So, do a quick browse of different stationery websites and stores and determine what your business needs and doesn’t need. Most companies offer business accounts that provide discounts for buying in bulk or buying regularly and consistently.

Whether that’s printer paper, notebooks, pens, envelopes, staplers, staples, guillotines, or anything else. It’s also worth running routine anonymous surveys that ask your staff if there’s anything else that you need to invest in and provide.

Anonymous surveys provide a neutral environment where staff can be open and honest about their needs, allowing you to fulfill them as your area designing an office space.

Designing Office Space With Meeting Spaces

Think meeting spaces over carefully. Most staff prefer office rooms with glass windows so that they don’t feel cooped in or intimidated.

You should also do what you can to make these spaces soundproof, especially if they are going to be used for meetings with HR, where sensitive information could be shared.

For workspace meeting rooms, you should ensure that there are projectors so that teams can share presentations and information as they collaborate on projects.

Again, desks and comfortable, ergonomic seating are a must-have.

Office Spaces For Breaks

Your staff is going to need to take breaks throughout the day, and it’s generally better that they leave their desk for this. This will allow them to actually disconnect from their work for a while, giving them time to recuperate and ensuring that they don’t burn out and can remain productive when they return from their break.

When designing your office space remember that break spaces should feel communal and should also have practical facilities.

office break room
Design a space for break time for your business office.

Make sure that the space has plenty of seating, ranging from sofas to a table with chairs to eat at. You should ensure that there is a small refrigerator for staff to store their lunch and snacks in, as well as basic appliances like a kettle or coffee machine and microwave for reheating lunches.

You may want them to look like a she-shed or a man cave office.

Lastly On Designing An Office Space

These are just a few preliminary areas of consideration when you start your journey toward designing an office space for your team to work from. Make sure that you consult your team on what will and will not work for them while bringing this space together.

This can ensure that you invest in the right areas and don’t waste money or time in the process.

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Your Turn on Designing An Office Space

Have you been designing an office space for your small business recently? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below.

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