When is a Purchase an Investment in Your Business?

The other day I spent hours vacuuming around the house as I have a dog that sheds quite a bit. Sound familiar? I began to wonder if that time could be better spent on my business?

I began to think of someone I met a few months ago who told me she loved her robotic vacuum. Hmm, I began to wonder, could it save me a lot of time?

For example, the time that I could use to grow my business?

investment in your business

Not all Purchases are Business Purchases

I didn’t spend as much time thinking about this purchase when I realized the time-saver this robotic vacuum would be for me. This tool would be like delegating a task for my business.

Of course, you don’t want to start purchasing 1,000 new tools so you can work 24/7 in your business. That would not be a healthy approach.

You would lose your creativity to problems and probably your passion for your business. But if a tool could bring more balance to your life, wouldn’t that make you happier and more successful with your business?

I didn't spend as much time thinking about this purchase when I realized the time-saver this robotic vacuum would be for me. #smallbiztips Click To Tweet

Balancing the Investment in Your Business

If you want to make a purchase on something that is not directly related to your business, give it some thought. Count the hours it could save you.

Know what the hours would produce for your business and your bottom line. That way you will figure out if it’s worth it all around.

You could purchase things like:

  • Robotic vacuum
  • Auto toilet bowl cleaners
  • Hire a house cleaner
  • Clothes cleaning service
  • Hire a landscaper

All of the above things save you time and time = money for your business.

What Other Purchases Are an Investment in Your Business?

Would a trip or vacation be considered one? It could if you really needed a break and time to reset and refresh yourself and your business. But, for example, going gambling would probably not be a wise choice of your time or money.

Sometimes, people can justify any expense if they want something bad enough. In business, you must really think about the decision to spend money and what you will invest it in.

Think about how it will benefit the business or people, you or other people in your life. Will it fulfill a need or be a benefit?

Spending money or investment money are two different things.

Spending money is defined as: money available to be spent on pleasures and entertainment.

Investing money is defined as: is the act of allocating resources, usually money, with the expectation of generating an income or profit. You can invest in endeavors, such as using money to start a business, or in assets, such as purchasing real estate in hopes of reselling it later at a higher price.

Now, do you see the difference between the two ways of using money and resources?

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Your Time is Valuable

Remember as in life, the same for in your business, your time is valuable. Be sure to spend it wisely. Therefore, do not waste time each day doing mundane tasks that you could hire out or purchase tools for.

You will be glad once you do and spend more quality time making an income and having time to take off – the freedom to do whatever you want with your time.

value your time

That’s the best reason to be in business for yourself, the freedom of time and, how you spend it. So the investment in your business is for you to choose and spend. Choose it wisely!

How are you spending your time managing your life and the investment in your business? What other things are you investing money in to save you time? I’d love to know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “When is a Purchase an Investment in Your Business?”

  1. dipanjan biswas

    Hi Lisa,
    I try to read many of your articles.
    But maybe this one is not for me.
    I am a bachelor and I stay with my family so I don’t have to care much about this kind of staff.
    I have hired maids for my family who comes and do their respective tasks like cleaning, cooling, washing, etc.
    But as you have written it definitely an interesting post.
    Dipanjan Biswas

    1. Hi Dipanjan, Thank you. Ah but you have hired maids, that is something similar that saves you time like my machine 🙂 You are most welcome and have a great day!

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