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Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Business Responsibilities?

I began today feeding the cats, changing litter boxes, and playing with the kitties. Animals can take the pressure off of feeling overwhelmed by your business responsibilities.

My wife and I arrived at a new housesit last evening. We have circled the globe as digital nomads for the past decade.

Changing time zones like most folks breathe taught us *how to breathe*.

Re-read that line. Being a world traveler introduced me to a greater presence of mind discerning the benefits of different cultures. In most cultures save the Western world, owning a business or a job is not the end-all, be-all. In many cultures, work does not matter.

How you enjoy life matters in most cultures. No one in Fiji asked me, “What I did do?” on meeting Fijians. No one in Bali asked me about what I did for a living, whether I liked it, or my plans for 15 years down the road.

Being a world traveler introduced me to a greater presence of mind discerning the benefits of different cultures. #biztips Click To Tweet

Overwhelmed By Your Business Responsibilities?

Westerners are smart fools in some regards. I and my fellow Westerners acquire a good deal of:

  • Knowledge
  • Information
  • Business intelligence

But we tend to be fooled in that we become skilled at earning a living but unskilled at living life from peace, serenity, equanimity, and calm. We know how to make a living but not how to live.

Overwhelmed by Your Business Responsibilities
Don’t let daily tasks make you feel overwhelmed by your business responsibilities.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Small Business Tasks?

It does not really matter!

Whatever you believe needs to be done to make money matters little because both the activity and money do not matter much. If your small business tasks and money mattered a bunch you would enter and exit the world with small business skills and money.

Alas, being an entrepreneur and money-earner matters little. Worried about raising your rates? Relax. Allow overwhelmed emotions to dissolve. Stop putting pressure on yourself over nothing.

“Money’s only something you need in case you don’t die tomorrow.” ~ Carl Fox, Wall Street

Like me, virtually all pressure you place on your shoulders regarding small business responsibilities involves making money through your venture. But money only matters if you do not die tomorrow. Every human being has access to unlimited ideas to make money.

make money
Making money is not the only thing that matters when you are at the end of your life. Remember that.

Loans, jobs, businesses, credit cards, and 1000’s upon 1000’s of other money channels avail to a prosperity-conscious individual. Stop killing yourself for something that is readily available.

Will You Be On Your Deathbed Overwhelmed By Your Business Responsibilities?

But the ego believes money and business success are gods, comfort, reliability, and certainty. Ask any person on their deathbed right now if the ego sees the truth. However, money and business success are largely meaningless because nothing gives you happiness like being truly helpful.

Writing this post for Lisa and your fabulous readers feels fun!

Having fun possesses real meaning. Don’t always feel overwhelmed by your business responsibilities. Entrepreneurs deeply enjoy being truly helpful to other sentient beings. Money and business are OK to generate but never elicit the joy, freedom, peace of mind, and bliss of helping another being.

Meaning is in helping, not getting. Allow this idea to sear itself onto your mind to obliterate the idea of small business overwhelm.

The moment you work your small business mainly to enjoy helping people is the moment business and busyness dissolve into fun.

Meaning is in helping, not getting. Allow this idea to sear itself onto your mind to obliterate the idea of small business overwhelm. Click To Tweet

How Can You Feel Overwhelmed If You Feel Blissful and Peaceful Helping People?

Two emotions cannot sit in your mind simultaneously. Either you feel completely swamped with the dis-ease of *more-itis* or you understand the genuine meaning of being human.

Being truly helpful is what makes a happy human being. Money, business, responsibilities, and tasks are self-serving concepts focusing on the ego – aka YOU – and not on helping other beings.

Get over yourself. Be helpful. Write and publish a blog post to enjoy helping your readers. Have fun helping readers outside of your audience by writing and placing a guest post.

Feeling paralyzed with overwhelming indicates that your business and busy-ness focus needs to shift toward having fun helping people.

Believe it or not, happy, powerful entrepreneurs have told you millions of times to:

  • Follow your passion
  • Enjoy being of service to humanity
  • Develop a vision for something far greater than yourself

Aka. Have Fun Being Helpful To Humanity!

Overwhelm dissolves into peace by understanding that meaningless trinkets and rote tasks cannot compare to the happiness of serving beings.

As an added bonus, you will become more wildly successful than you ever imagined as your skills, exposure, and credibility increase to critical levels.

Your Turn

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your business responsibilities today? Let’s discuss it in the comments below. Let’s see how we can help you to feel calm and blissful. 🙂  

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2 thoughts on “Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Business Responsibilities?”

  1. Overwhelmed indeed, Ryan! (I wish i could find an emoji making a crazy face)

    But yes, lol. I have spent too much time growing my website in certain areas, BUT i’ve also been neglecting other areas ……especially the blog itself, since I haven’t written a full-length blog post in ages.

    So, as of August 2021, I have decided to follow my to-do list more closely and give equal attention to all aspects of my business/website. So far it’s going well, and i’m already composing a few lengthy posts (not yet published), all while networking a bit more in general.

    Always good to read your stuff, old virtual bud.

    P.S. And good to find your blog, Lisa. Been a while, hope all is well 🙂


    1. Hi Michael, good to see you here on Small Biz Tipster (my 2nd blog). All are GREAT. I love following a to-do list, it’s a fabulous way to get more done in less timme. It also makes you feel less overwhelmed.Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day!

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