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3 Streaming Video Hacks To Boost Small Business Visibility

Do you think a streaming video for small businesses can help your business thrive? 

I recently re-watched both Succession and Billions. Both shows carry critical lessons for small business owners.

Put aside any political beliefs for the intents and purposes of this blog post. Release judgments about morals, character, and general life views. Both Logan Roy and Bobby Axelrod are likely partial psychopaths. Both also use fear freely to manipulate, intimidate and control.

However, closely observing each titan’s almost complete lack of money fears inspired me to look deeper inside my mind to clear out my money fears to leverage more effectively.

Imagine being hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Imagine owning billions of dollars to someone or some entity.

In the next breath… many small business owners feel terrified to owe $50 on their next credit card bill?

Scale And Leverage With Streaming Video Help You

  • constricting
  • failing
  • business-strangling
  • Muted success meets fairly scared entrepreneurs.

However, great success meets entrepreneurs who face, feel and release deep money and life fears.

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Benefit from Strategic Streaming Video for Small Businesses

I have only watched Succession and Billions over the prior week to strategically learn how to think, feel and act like a billionaire. I do not intend to necessarily be a billionaire but developing greater risk aversion by ferreting out my money fears allows me to be more helpful to more people.

For example, I have guest blogged 5-10 times daily recently by shedding various fears in my mind.

I feared publishing too many helpful posts for a variety of reasons. But watching Succession made me think: would Logan Roy fear publishing and promoting too much news content through his empire?

All the guy does is buy up news companies to spread his narrative.

Helpful Content In Streaming Video

Ethically and morally, you and I can question this behavior but from a blogger’s vantage point, sharing helpful blog video content designed to:

as prolifically as possible ONLY yields upsides. Thinking about his fearlessness goaded me to be a more fearless, prolific guest blogger. Hence, we all win as we all give more freely.

Observing Bobby Axelrod influenced me to believe deeply in myself and my posturing decisions amid the appearances of circumstances that seem to be perhaps light years away from my vision.

helping content

He grew up dirt poor but by creating a vision, being largely fearless, and working his tail off he became one of the most powerful investors in the world.

However, seeing him reach the top inspires me to keep creating and connecting as my worldly success comes together.

Be Strategic With Streaming Video To Help You

Watch online streaming strategically as a small business owner. View shows that teach you lessons about:

  • believing in yourself and your business
  • developing posture
  • being fearless in regard to money
  • developing a high level of risk tolerance

More importantly, learn what NOT to do by observing the less desirable traits of icons like Logan and Bobby. For the good, each does harbor rage, guilt, and anger from the past projected onto billions through a news conglomerate and millions through investment decisions.

Both men have tortured entrepreneurs on some level.

However, I admire their fearlessness but steer clear of their fear-filled, angry ways.

Building a business based on strong elements of fear, manipulation, and control structures lead to many avoidable business problems down the road.

Conclusion: Streaming Videos To Grow Your Small Biz

Streaming brings your brand to life. It offers real-time interaction and showcases your products or services. This transparency can set you apart from competitors. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Are you using streaming video for your small business in the coming year? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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