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Fiber Optic Internet vs. Cable Makes It Professional: 3 Ways

You might be looking to make your small business more professional to compete with the big players in your niche. Of course, if you have high-speed fiber optic internet vs. cable service your productivity level goes up.

Here are some tips for playing the “corporate” at their own game by using fiber optic internet for your small business.

What Are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics internet uses fiber-optic cables instead of copper wires. These fiber-optic cables are filled with glass filaments.

Those cables send data back and forth to lasers and light signals. That light signal uses binary to communicate with your computer.

How Does Fiber-Optic Internet Work?

Fiber optic internet uses thin glass or plastic cables to transmit data via light signals. It converts electrical signals into light pulses which travel through the cables at incredibly high speeds.

The fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth capacity than traditional copper cables.

They’re less susceptible to electromagnetic interference too. Light signals can travel for miles without degrading, enabling faster internet speeds over long distances.

Fiber internet offers ultra-low latency and insane download/upload rates compared to DSL or cable.

Secured Communication Channels with Fiber Optic Internet

A key business strategy is clear communication. Communication channels help with everything, from logistics and sourcing to client and customer complaints.

Hence, you should provide as many clear communication channels as possible for your small biz.

These include but aren’t limited to business email addresses to relevant departments, PO boxes, and secure telephone lines. Without these basic systems, your operation cannot handle incoming queries and will look unprofessional.

Your WebSite Makes Your Business More Professional

You can no longer ignore your business website. If you don’t have one, then get one immediately. With builders like Wix, you can have a running website within hours of signing up.

Over 90% of customers will Google a business before using them, so for that reason alone, you need one. Or you miss out on potential business.

But you will also need a relevant domain name rather than a free assigned one to stand out and help boost your company’s SEO.

By having FIOS internet you can build and update your website faster every day. You can’t just set it up and forget about it.

Fiber Optic Networks Provides Upgraded Networks and Connections

Nobody wants to work at a company with slow and outdated internet speeds. And doing business with a slow connection is almost impossible these days.

So you must invest some money into upgrading your internet infrastructure for easier business and office life.

However, the security issue with slower speed also makes you an easier hacker target. Fiber optic internet for business is the fastest around against the more convenient wireless options.

See the following infographic for more information about fiber optic internet:

fiber optic internet for business
Infographic designed by pros of fiber internet

Fiber Optic Internet Security

Fiber optic internet is generally considered secure due to its physical properties. Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber optic lines don’t radiate electromagnetic signals, making it nearly impossible to intercept data through induction methods.

Additionally, fiber optic cables are difficult to tap without disrupting the connection, making unauthorized access noticeable.

However, security depends on proper encryption and authentication protocols implemented by service providers and users.

While the physical medium offers inherent protection, end-to-end security requires robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard data transmission.

In Conclusion of Fiber Optic Internet vs. Cable for Business

Have you used fiber optics in your area? I had used it for many years before my move to a rural area. It was super fast and reliable compared to cable and other internet service providers.

I’m so excited when FIOS came into our rural area in the Northeast a few months ago. It has been a huge timesaver.  I can work any time of the time without interruptions. It has been a live safer for my small business.

Have you been able to choose fiber optic internet over cable in your area yet? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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