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There Are Some Things In Business Where You Don’t Have Choices

More people than ever are opting to work in a business for themselves and kick the traditional career path. The pandemic fallout also kicked up the desire to work from home, inspiring even more self-employment for those in business. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of business, where everything is roses and sunshine! Or is it? 

I think a lot of people have a misconception about working for themselves. It feels like you just get to do whatever you like, and money falls in your lap. But not so fast. There are some things in having a business where you don’t have a choice yet that are essential to your success. 

Business Owners

After spending more than half my life as a company owner, I promise you there’s actual work to do as a business owner. Probably a lot more than you thought. 

Look, I want you to succeed in your endeavor, and I know you can. So, in this post, I’m sharing a few things to help you do better business and grow faster.

I’ve learned this stuff over many years, and sometimes the hard way. But, I promise, this list will serve you well! 

And maybe, keep you grounded and realistic about being a business owner. 

In Business And In Your Brand

For starters, you are your business and your brand. The actions you take and the way you conduct business reflect who you are as a brand. Ultimately, customer relationships and trust in you and your services stem from how you operate as a business. 

Realizing your actions and abilities do reflect your brand is a reminder of aspiring to a positive leadership role. You want a shiny brand image, don’t you? It’s good to earn the trust and respect of your company, right? 

One way to accomplish this is to provide impeccable service to your customers as your first priority. It doesn’t matter whether you provide a product or service; what matters is the satisfaction and delight clients feel. 

If your product or service makes people happy, then they will appreciate you as a business. In return, let customers know you appreciate them as well. If you remember to say thank you in business, it goes a long way. 

thank you in business

No matter how fantastic you are at marketing your company, writing copy, or whatever, there first has to be value in what you offer. You can’t sell a sub-par product, nor should you want to—the intrinsic value of what you sell matters.

Keep improving. 

For, I always strive to be “the best in the business,” at whatever I’m doing. Setting your standards high for yourself, your services, and your products serves your company well.

It also sets an excellent example for your team as you grow. 

Say What You Mean

People learn to trust you when you keep your word. The biggest example of this in business is to meet or exceed expectations consistently. No less than above and beyond is good enough. 

This means you need to make deadlines, be on time or early for meetings, and show up for whatever you agree to do. You need to show you are reliable. And, when you are reliable, you gain repeat business as clients start to count on you. 

The truth is, there’s no late in business, and if you adopt that mindset from the start, you’re already ahead. Also, this is another value for your company to model for crew members. 

Set the Standards and Walk the Talk! 

It’s good business to say “yes” to customer requests, but it’s not worth it to promise beyond your capabilities. Transparency and honesty are the easiest way to handle such situations. 

One possible solution is to build networks with related businesses and service providers to have a subcontracting, rental, or freelance system to collaborate with and share business. 

Learn how other company owners handle things. Network with other owners where you are comfortable asking questions or getting opinions. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce may prove helpful for meeting business owners locally. 

Finding out how others do things helps you find your way. Eventually, your own best practices develop from a mix of what you discover, test, or learn.

Take it all in, but don’t be afraid to be one-of-a-kind. As you grow, your voice emerges, and you gain confidence in a model that suits you uniquely.

Stay the Course In Business

Business building is a roller coaster. There are always ups and downs. Screams and bends. But don’t fall off. 

Great businesses rarely emerge overnight. You need to have some business grit to make it to the finish—or don’t even get on the ride! 

One thing I learned early on is not to evaluate results day-to-day. Take a more comprehensive view for a more accurate picture like weekly, month-to-month, or quarterly, even. 

Watching sales too closely makes you feel out of sorts and distorts your ability to do your best work in some cases. This is especially true when you’re just starting. 

Every step forward is progress, and moving forward with the many parts of your business takes time. 

Therefore, concentrate on reaching the big picture and take action steps to get there. Don’t get hung up on day-to-day sales! Seriously. 

roller coaster of business

In fact, you’re much better off paying attention to customer service, operations, and product improvement. But, don’t worry, cash flow will follow. 

Conclusion: The Success In Business

I notice how often success comes your way when you are merely working away in your business. Much more so than when you are preoccupied with earnings in your business.

Customer relationships, customer care, and customer service are the best places to emphasize your company rather than focusing on the bottom line. 

Sure, if you aren’t making money, you aren’t in business. But, emphasizing only making money in your everyday work, more so than doing good business, is often a huge mistake.

Honing your business skills, perfecting products and services, and giving your clients the attention they need and deserve gets you sales.

Plan and control taking your business higher. We’d love to hear how your small business is doing today in the comments below.

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  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka

    Hello Sue-Ann,
    Exceptional customer service is the best way to make yourself standout. In a good way 🙂 And, it usually isn’t that hard. As for staying the course, that sometimes takes a whole lot of effort.

    1. Hi SharlaAnn, I’d agree with you about exceptional service to make you and or your business stand out today. Thanks for coming by on this one and have a great weekend SharlaAnn.

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