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Tips To Kick Off Your New Biz With A Phone Call

Coming up with the perfect biz tip to kick off the BizTipster site for you, is, well, like asking for one precious raindrop from an ocean of water. I love business. It’s my life. Since I can remember, I love work. But operating a business is complicatedInteresting. Fun. Hard.  Starting a new biz is even harder. But what better time than a new year? 

One minute everything is exhilarating like the pop of a champagne cork flying high, all bubbly and fizzy, and the next, you’re a mere puddle hopelessly drowning in a river of your own business-induced tears. 

The old saying, “a business owner wears many hats” is true. But, it’s only a small part of the tapestry of a remarkable business. 

Here’s a small bit of the tapestry of my business story. A good start, I hope, for a serious business tip for your business.

In this post, I’m going to share an excerpt from my nonfiction book, now in production. The book is filled with serious business tips and tools, told via a series of true tales of my experiences and lessons learned along the way, for running a successful small business. 

The tip I’m sharing here is a lifesaver for any business, any size.

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My One Phone Call To Kick Off Your New Biz

After three decades of doing great business, I feel, maybe for the first time, a certain sense of pride and accomplishment. But, a heck of a lot of moving parts and colorful people fill the story well beyond me. 

You see, owning and operating a business, even a small one, is demanding, sometimes excruciating. And so you need your one phone call. 

My one phone call makes my heart sing. Of course, back then you didn’t know who was calling until you answered the phone. My one call made it to me every single day since day one of business and evolved from landline through caller I.d. to the cell phone era.

Not always at the same time of day, but every single day in my business life, the phone rings. It reassures me. Constant. And asks me if everything is okay. Do I need anything? What’s going on?

Most especially, again, is everything okay? That is so important for you as your kick off your new business and as you go through that first year in business.

My one phone call gave me my first best-selling recipe, for Chili. Homemade soups and pies for years came from that same caller, just to help out, no problem, no charge. Questions posed, problems solved, parts delivered, and maintenance guys for every purpose found and sent immediately.

There are a lot of discussions, arguments, opinions, and advice. Sage advice for new biz solutions.

And, is everything okay with me? A lot of business questions were posed and answered in my one phone call and many ideas were pondered. Decisions made. 

Learn To Laugh In Business

My one caller is a business friend and a propelling force. We spent a whole lot of time laughing together, on our phone call, and in person. My one phone call taught me to bring some humor to business. Humor helps.

Plus, my one phone call changed the trajectory of my business, scoring THE turning point client of all time by bugging an engineer at the Port Authority to use my services. This changed everything, introducing me to the corporate world for catering, and from this one single order came years of clients and bigger and bigger events, one after another, directly relating back to this piece of work.

Work the poor engineer was forced into giving me by my biggest fan! My one phone call.  Who also disagrees with me, and argues, and challenges, and makes me think.

And checks in, just to make sure everything is okay. We love to laugh. But life sometimes includes crying too, though it’s harder. As time marches on, I know how lucky I am to have one precious phone call and I hope in business you try to have a person you trust with all your heart in your corner too.

Be sure to have someone with you to kick off your new business!

While you may think of my one phone call as a source of funny, again something every business needs, my caller represents so much more to my business.

A valuable tool for you in business, no matter how big or small, is a trusted board for a consistent and indispensable resource center always available to you.

Borrow Business Experience

Call it an Advisory Board, Sounding Board, Board of Directors, or anything else you like, but having an opportunity to ask questions or get advice from people who know more than you is priceless. Even an accountability buddy helps while you help each other.

Having the ability to discuss questions or ideas for business also helps you make decisions quicker and easier. It’s nice to know you have someplace to go for problems so you can handle them. Many times they can even save you money.

Not everyone has a dad who will be your one phone call a day for business checkups. But you can create a little help for yourself when it comes to business by collecting trusted people as resources for your business.

And also by forming your own board. Furthermore, there are groups and communities online if you need to kick around ideas for your biz.

Look for trustworthy members with more experience than you. Like my dad says, “I may not be smarter, but I’ve been around a lot longer.” When I was younger, I think he just said that so I would listen to him. Now I know it means it’s smart to borrow experience.

Make Business Friends Helps Kick Off Your New Biz

I spent a lot of time asking other local business owners questions to learn from them as well. Becoming friends with purveyors and gaining their trust gave me the ability to ask more questions and gather extra information and advice from them.

I became partners with some of my competitors or suppliers, sharing leads, customers, and even electronic equipment.

Resources spring from asking questions, I find. Who knows what will come of it? I have more business friends than otherwise but these relationships span many many years. They go more in-depth than business-only. And my one phone call is my best friend and the best business buddy of all! 

You need someone too who is always on your side, even when they disagree with a decision you make or you flub up. Unconditionally available. Just one call away.

Your Turn on How to Kick off Your New Biz

Finally, what struggles are you finding as you kick off your new biz? Drop a comment below so we may discuss it.

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12 thoughts on “Tips To Kick Off Your New Biz With A Phone Call”

  1. Smart tips Sue-Ann! Learning to laugh and relax lightens the business load. If I feel tension arise I stop, relax, calm down and just enjoy the ride again. Best way to keep success flowing: feel really good.

    1. Thanks Ryan for coming by on this blog. Sue-Ann did offer some great tips here as one does need to learn to relax a little and not be all business 24/7. That will help one enjoy the ride and generate some creativity along the way as well. Enjoy your weekend!

        1. Oh, thank you Sue-Ann, I love your writing and this post really added a lot of value to this new blog. Have a great weekend!

    2. Ryan:

      “Laughing and crying, you know it’s the same release…” from Joni Mitchell lyrics years ago, still resonates with me. My family has taught me to laugh as a general rule and my spirit benefits in embracing that kind of positivity towards life and business. The truth is, as a lifelong business owner, nothing is more serious to me and yet, without a sense of humor and ability to laugh at biz situations…and especially at myself, I don’t know if I would make it through…

      Thanks so much for checking this out on Lisa’s new site! Best, Sue-Ann

      1. Checking in 1 year later guys, and still learning to laugh and relax with my blogging business 🙂 The journey gets easier the more we chill about everything. Almost like magic, but it is all about our energy, or emotions.

        1. Hi Ryan, I cannot believe it’s been over a year on this blog! I’m just getting started to ramp it up a bit. Thanks for coming by and yes, that’s a great attitude to have for your blogging business 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Hi Sue-Ann,
    love the idea of having one person to call when things get rough.
    Love it but it’s not possible for me.
    I’m doing this blogging thing on my own and no one in my town and that knows me knows what I’m doing.
    I’m keeping it a secret and I’m doing it on purpose lest someone tries to stop me.

    I know from experience that some people would keep you down forever, because their biggest fear is that you’ll rise above them to places they know can never reach.

    These people that I mention can’t even string a basic sentence in English (I’m in Serbia, my home town) and here I am writing in English almost like a pro.
    No, they won’t know about this blogging thing until I’m ready to hand them a checkmate they deserve.
    Wish me luck:)

    1. Ni Nikola, thanks for commenting on Sue-Ann’s post here. So why are you keeping it a secret there? Now that I’m reading more I guess it’s a culture thing, right? Good luck with it and you have been rocking it in the blogging world. You should be very proud of your work 🙂 Thanks for coming by here as well.

    2. Nikola:

      My blogging is somewhat a secret in my world, too. Still, you are part of a bigger community in the blogosphere and as Lisa says, doing a great job showing up. And, doing the work, learning to write and create quality content, promoting and networking.

      I hope you know you have help in any of the people in the comments here just for starters! Best wishes and keep creating, writing, and learning and you will go as far as you want. Take care, Sue-Ann

  3. Sathish Arumugam


    Friends are always reliable to help any business to grow. To run a successful business, we must spend more time to build relationships too. Hence, these days branding plays a vital role in bringing up a business. Sue, your ideas are incredible to kick off any new biz. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you, Sathish…

      Appreciate you stopping by to read and comment. I feel very lucky and continually grateful for friends I make in business and they are a key to progress, especially online too! Take care and best in your business endeavors, Sue-Ann

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