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Can eCommerce Dropshipping Boost Your Online Business?

If you don’t have a website and an eCommerce store, you are doing yourself a disservice at a time when more and more people are swapping from traditional shopping to a more digital version. In fact, a survey by Oberlo found that in 2021, over 2 billion people worldwide shopped online. The eCommerce dropshipping business is becoming more popular than ever before.

What is eCommerce Dropshipping?

eCommerce dropshipping is when a seller doesn’t make or keep the products they sell. Instead, the online retailer uses an order fulfillment method to fulfill orders from suppliers.

Dropshipping Model for eCommerce

But say you already have an eCommerce business setup. Expanding your product lines might seem like something beyond your capabilities; however, adding this service via an eCommerce dropshipping model can complement your existing store and allow you to increase your customer base without directing people to other brands!

How are you setting yourself apart from the competition? What is your USP, and how are you meeting customer demands?

Partner With Brands

The beauty of eCommerce dropshipping is that you can partner with brands to sell their products without having to purchase and hold stock. But how will this impact your service and delivery times?

After all, if a customer purchases a product you hold and one you need to ship directly from the manufacturer or a partner company, how will they both arrive together? In reality, you will be listing delivery times on each individual product so the customer is aware, but the last thing you want is long lead times and dissatisfied customers. So how do you avoid this issue?

You must partner with domestic brands with excellent reputations to offer the best customer service possible. This infographic by Vendo details how their dropshipping marketplace can support your new or existing business by working with domestic vendors to improve delivery times and increase product quality.

dropshipping brands

Infographic by Vendo on dropshipping


Have you ever done dropshipping? I did over a decade ago and the one problem back then was the availability of products and out-of-stocks. Some of the suppliers were awaiting shipments from overseas, not good!

However, today suppliers use just-in-time inventory so you know at all times whether something is in stock or not. I’d love to hear from you about your e-commerce dropshipping business and or experiences.

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