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What Small Business Paradox Confuses Most Entrepreneurs?

What a small business paradox as I am living on a farm in rural New Jersey for 10 days.

The internet connection is generally solid but sometimes spotty. I tried to upload short videos to Facebook and Twitter today but neither uploaded; not enough internet connection strength.

But I did write and submit this guest post because we have enough juice for that simple task. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? 

The Small Business Paradox

Understanding this small business paradox aided me in letting go of video marketing quickly to guest post:

Slowing down your mind speeds up your results.

Slowing down my mind lets me reach more people through this guest post. I can help more people guest blogging for Lisa’s readers than by complaining about 2 videos that refuse to upload for my Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Deliberate, calm, slow thinking promotes mindful, prospering, truly helpful actions positioning you to gain greater traffic and profits.

However, the ego falsely believes that speeding up the mind promotes speedy, quick actions to yield fast results. Evidence of this upside-down level of ego thinking seems reflected in the sky-high failure rate for entrepreneurs.

Deliberate, calm, slow thinking promotes mindful, prospering, truly helpful actions positioning you to gain greater traffic and profits. #biztips Click To Tweet

Racing Mind

Racing ahead in your mind is always fear because fear projects the mind into an anxious future or guilt-ridden past. Feeling and acting from a fear-filled mind creates fear-filled actions and failed results.

You and I are mind, not body. The ego feels confused because it believes we are body and that rushing mind and body brings quick business success.

Of course, the opposite happens. Rushed minds bring hurried actions and:

  • struggle
  • failure
  • heartache

The Small Business Paradox And Its Effect On Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs cannot understand how panicked, frenzied work brings failure because most other humans do this and it feels quite normal. Slowing down the mind reveals a different experience.

small business paradox

Slowing down your mind lets you think clearly, calmly, and deliberately.

Clear, calm, deliberate minds take calculated, generous, helpful actions that speed up your success. Fast-thinking, mind-speeding, ego I would have:

  • complained about the poor internet connection
  • tried to upload videos 2, 3, or 4 times
  • forced some other fear-based, futile outcome through hurried, frenzied work

Slowing Down

Slow-thinking me canceled each upload after a 2-minute attempt to write and submit this guest post. Writing and submitting this guest post accesses a large, targeted audience to help you and accelerate my success.

But my intent is to be genuinely helpful because my calm, precise mind processes my desire slowly, calmly, and presently.

Slow down your mind. Calm your mind. Hard work yields no success. Smart work does not save you if you mentally speed up the process first, then rush the body.

slow your mind

Understanding this concept feels uncomfortable in a world of the ego because the world tells you to:

  • hustle
  • work hard
  • force things
  • strain
  • strive

Success Entrepreneurs Understand The Paradox

But the most staggeringly successful entrepreneurs do things slowly, deliberately, and mindfully from a calm mind to set up stunning long-term success. Note how Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk both worked incredibly deliberately, mindfully, and calmly for a long time before worldly success built for each to epic levels. They did not quietly quit even when things got tough. Failure was not an option.

Bezos experienced huge losses for a few years but proceeded from a relaxed, peaceful mind to observe his titanic business grow. He sped up stunning success by thinking slowly and deliberately.

Ditto for Elon; he sped up dazzling worldly success by calmly, patiently, and deliberately allowing his several companies to grow to epic levels organically before taking on a failing company like Twitter.

Smart work does not save you if you mentally speed up the process first, then rush the body. #smallbusinessowner Click To Tweet

Speed Up Your Success

Speed up success by slowing down your mind. Being patient plays a part in this small business paradox but note the exponential growth enjoyed by mindful, relaxed entrepreneurs who never run around like headless chickens but always act with laser-like precision mentally and physically.

Slowing down your mind speeds up your small business success.

Does your mind always race or are you able to slow it down? We’d love to know more in the comment section below. 

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